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grantnel2002 t1_jah5bik wrote

How did you justify marketing to people, especially kids, when studies have shown your “products” link to negative psychological effects? This on top of the data collection and privacy concerns.


insaneintheblain t1_jakrzn1 wrote

I suspect this person is endlessly justifying their actions - even to themselves.

Reality isn’t apparent when the money is good.


Yolo0o t1_jah618a wrote

That's a great question. All companies are responsible for ensuring that the marketing is ethical and complies with industry standards and regulations.
Regarding the negative psychological effects and data privacy concerns linked to social media use, these issues are definitely very important in today's world. It's important to note that companies like Meta, Twitter, Reddit etc. have a responsibility to protect the privacy and well-being of their users and should be held accountable for any negative impact their products may have.

But, Ultimately, it's up to individuals to make informed decisions about their social media use and to take steps to protect their privacy and well-being. Being mindful of the amount of time spent on social media, carefully reviewing privacy policies and settings, and seeking out alternative platforms that prioritize user privacy and well-being.


grantnel2002 t1_jah68uj wrote

Unfortunately kids can’t make the informed decisions on what they think is good for their mental state. This is why social media is so dangerous and why we’re seeing negative impacts to kids.


Yolo0o t1_jah6xpj wrote

I hear you. Social media can have both positive and negative effects on children. Being a parent, I grapple with the same problem every day. I am sharing some tips to control the negative effects as much as possible.

- Limit your child's use of social media by establishing time limits and encouraging them to take frequent breaks from it.
- Follow social media activity: Keep a watch on your child's online activities, including what they are doing, with whom they are engaging, and what kind of content they are viewing.
- Children should be taught the value of protecting their personal information online, staying away from strangers, and reporting any suspicious or inappropriate behavior.
- Promote positive interactions by encouraging children to share their creative work or interact with online communities that share their interests.
- Encourage open dialogue by creating an atmosphere where children feel at ease discussing their online experiences with you.


TylerJWhit t1_jahqiop wrote

I'm not entirely sure you answered the question. We understand corporate responsibility vs. Individual responsibility. The question wasn't about the division of that responsibility (and ultimately I disagree with your conclusion on this. Personal responsibility is limited by knowledge and personal agency, and those of lower education or inclinations towards addictive tendencies may find it excessively difficult to curb social media addiction).

The question was about how you justified marketing a harmful product.

Perhaps you believed your actions themselves did not contribute to the harmful aspects of the product or that your responsibility (inability to change the negative aspects or influence on the cause) are significantly low.

In either event, I don't believe this was really answered.


insaneintheblain t1_jaj6b1w wrote

Has the idea of persuading large swathes of the populace to take actions they had no previous interest in taking ever kept you up at night?


Santadoesntloveu t1_jahb0nj wrote

It seems you had a solid trajectory there. What made you leave Meta?


Yolo0o t1_jahd8o1 wrote

I am working on launching my startup and/or changing jobs to work at a high-growth company.


RandyDAnon t1_jam5l77 wrote

What is the skill gap between a Meta digital marketer and a beginner/mediocre digital marketer, and how/ what actions can you take to bridge that gap?


Yolo0o t1_jam9qid wrote

Here are a few things that come to my mind:

  1. Aligning digital marketing goals to company goals
  2. Always being up-to-date on new trends, channels, insights
  3. Sharing knowledge and training other people
  4. Creating long-term goals while still focusing on short-term asks
  5. Able to influence stakeholders by creating win-win situations
  6. Ability to adapt to changes in the industry
  7. Making data-driven decisions and Focussing on measurement/ROI
  8. Great communication, reporting and presentation skills

PENNST8alum t1_jahadib wrote

How does one go from EE to head of digi marketing at Meta? Get your MBA from H/S/W?


Yolo0o t1_jahcce9 wrote

It is a question I get asked very often. Some of the things I did were:

  1. While I was working as an Electrical Engineer, I took on non-tech jobs and projects. Got team leadership and data analysis experience.
  2. Along with my core job, on the side apart from preparing for GMAT, I took various Digital Marketing certifications, talked to marketing professionals, created and grew FB pages (28K followers), learned how various ad tools worked
  3. During my MBA, I did 2 internships just to learn more about marketing. And no I am not from H/S/W. I also did a lot of networking and build a good network of marketing professionals.
  4. Started with a junior role at Meta (Marketing Executive). Worked super hard for the next 7 years, built connections within the company, and as a result, I got promoted a few times. I believe my Engineering work ex helped me get an advantage over my peers as I was more data-driven, logical, and a better problem solver.

Some lessons I learned:

  1. Hard work pays off
  2. Luck is important to some extent so that you are at the right place at the right time
  3. Continuous learning is crucial
  4. Teamwork, networking, and helping others go a long way
  5. Never be afraid to ask for what you think you deserve
  6. Whenever you are frustrated or disappointed in your career, just zoom out and look at your trajectory over the years. If the graph is trending upward, you are doing fine
  7. Always respect others

PENNST8alum t1_jahcuxv wrote

Out of curiosity, did you have an "in" at Meta to land that first role? Were you recruited out of the MBA program?

Reason I ask is, and I'm sure you would agree, that there we're probably people turned down for that same role who may have had a lot of experience than you in that field. Wondering what you did to get a leg up and get noticed by recruiters? I've been in my field (finance) for 9 years, having specializations in a lot of areas most others in my field don't, and yet, never receive a call back from these big companies.


Yolo0o t1_jahdhh3 wrote

I did get someone to refer me. This would’ve definitely helped me get the interviews. But post that I had to clear 5 interviews to get selected.


Barts_Southpaw t1_jap1c6i wrote

Five interviews in which everyone knew who you were, your "in" and why it would be prudent to select you, most likely.


livelybani t1_jcv8476 wrote

Hi! I have a follow up question. As a person from a non-traditional and a completely non-technical background, what certifications would you recommend before entering bschool to be able to land the marketing internships? Or would it solely be dependent on networking with the right people?


Spirited_Strength385 t1_jahbytr wrote

What were some of the steps you took to make the career switch happen and succeed in moving from electrical eng to marketing?


Yolo0o t1_jahd554 wrote

Since I was quite clear from early on that I wanted to move away from technical work (based on my interests), I took non-tech projects at my first company. I also made sure I get some leadership experience during my time as an Engineer. I started learning about Digital marketing even while I was working as an EE. I took courses, created social media pages, grew those pages, learned paid media, read books on marketing, and talked to marketing professionals to understand what they do & what skills are required. During my master's, I worked harder than others as I wanted to switch industries and function both. I did 2 internships - one at a startup & one at a big company. These helped me a lot during my interviews post-MBA.


profspindoctor t1_jahjevp wrote

Where did you get your MBA? And how’d you pick that program?


Yolo0o t1_jahkxns wrote

I wanted a 1 year MBA as I had 4.5 years of prior work experience. Hence, Europe and Singapore were the two places I was looking. Out of these I chose Singapore for my MBA because of language, location, program structure and post mba opportunities.


HappyCamper_2020 t1_jand5x2 wrote

What do you think of the future of digital marketing?


Sausage_fingies t1_janx0gp wrote

What do you think of the current path meta is taking of being "the leader" of the XR industry simply by buying all competitors and running them into the ground?


idgaf_5667 t1_jar768t wrote

Did you crack iit?


Yolo0o t1_jarpwm9 wrote

Yes but rank wasn’t good. Studied at NIT.


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ComfortableCurrent65 t1_jckez0x wrote

Pretend you're a digital marketing head at Meta or any company. You're tasked to hire 1 jr. digital marketing consultant/executive.

  1. You've one guy that's B-tech dropout, but used his remaining 2-3 years learning Content marketing, Copywriting, Marketing Funnels. He's got few clients from Upwork. So he has basically something to show for his proof of work.

  2. A proper marketing student. This guy passed every exam with top grades. He got his MBA too. And while studying, he attended 'workshops' or 'internships' with companies in touch with his college.

(Let's assume both are well behaved and likeable in the interview. Both are easy to work with and coachable.)

Who would you hire from these 1 & 2 based on their previous experience?


Ok-Feedback5604 t1_jainnnq wrote

When metaverse will be free for access to everyone? I mean any future plan of meta on this