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PeanutSalsa t1_jd52bx3 wrote

How much of a difference does recycling make?


washingtonpost OP t1_jd56qis wrote

Recycling is the number one thing people say they do for climate change. And it’s great. For metals, glass, paper, and batteries in particular, you’re making an impact. But the questions is much less clear for single-use plastic (better to avoid). And other things are more important if you’re prioritizing.

As The Atlantic reports, when Project Drawdown, a nonprofit group, "analyzed more than 80 separate means that could help keep the world from passing the oft-cited threshold of 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius of warming, the recycling industry’s projected contributions fell below the median, trailing geothermal power, efficient aviation, forest protection, and dozens of other actions."


bluecat2001 t1_jd8nkk5 wrote

How much of the material that is collected for recycling ends up in landfills?