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spiritfiend t1_jebdijn wrote

Do you think ownership of major media outlets by US oligarchs affects reporting? Do you think more diverse ownership in media could shift attitudes on gun ownership?


DrJawn t1_jebnosq wrote

Massa Bezos is reading this AMA, they can't go against him


washingtonpost OP t1_jebkmvi wrote

From Ashley Parker:

My sense is that media ownership has very little influence over why people choose to own or not own AR-15s. I’d specifically point you to our polling story that delves into, among other things, why people own guns — and the top reason is to “protect self, family and property.”

This story also features interviews with several gun owners, talking about why they ended up deciding to own AR-15s. I found them so fascinating that I watched them all, some several times, and I don’t think media ownership — or anything related — come up even obliquely.


Jrapin t1_jec08bn wrote

What a laughably obsequious answer.


Incipiente t1_jegbph4 wrote

seems almost AI-generated, with a negative prompt such as "do not answer the actual question"


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_jeblnfo wrote

Many of these people were brainwashed into thinking they needed the AR-15 for protection by the media, so how is it that the media has very little influence? Even if not directly, they encourage gun ownership by way of hyperbolizing headings and showcasing tragedy because that's what drives views and clicks. Until we start holding them accountable for this, people are going to be frightened into thinking our country is a constant warzone.


Divallo t1_jeby5w1 wrote

Media ownership holds a lot of influence over what stories you cover and what you're allowed to say on those stories.

You aren't a journalist. As long as you stay under Bezos' thumb all you are is a complicit pawn.