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undefined_one t1_jebjivw wrote

Can you please explain to everyone that an AR15 is not a machine gun and shoots bullets no faster than a hunting rifle? The only difference is the number of bullets each magazine can hold. People have the wrong idea about the AR15. The media has made everyone fear it, when it's still just a semiautomatic rifle - like a hunting rifle. It just looks mean, so people play on that. I have one and it has never killed anyone. The lazy thing won't even clean itself!


what_mustache t1_jef2zkd wrote

>The only difference is the number of bullets each magazine can hold.

This seems pretty damn important...


undefined_one t1_jefs4wn wrote

It can be argued multiple ways. Yes, it absolutely impacts the ability to do harm, but not nearly as much as you'd think. I heard a news outlet report that when a shooter changes magazines they call it the "critical pause", and they say it can last between 10-15 seconds. They also say that this is the time when the shooter can be most easily stopped and so that reload time is vital. I've been shooting for over 40 years and I don't think I've ever seen it take anyone 10 seconds to load a new magazine. More like 2-3 seconds, and that's not even trying to be fast. So while I'm not so hard headed as to think capacity doesn't matter, I'm also smart enough to realize that as fast as reloads are, it wouldn't make that much of a difference. Especially if the shooter practices. I know guys that can reload a mag in the blink of an eye. So whether it held 10 or 30 makes little difference. That's one argument. The other is still the same as drugs: you can outlaw them all you want and criminals will still have them. So then you limit the good Samaritan to 10 rounds while the criminal will still have the high capacity. Except the good Samaritan who carries for self defense probably doesn't have multiple mags.


what_mustache t1_jeh02vo wrote

>I've been shooting for over 40 years and I don't think I've ever seen it take anyone 10 seconds to load a new magazine. More like 2-3 seconds,

Right. I'm sure you're fast when casually shooting. But these people are not under ideal conditions, probably nervous, etc.

And don't try the "only criminals have guns". This isn't a problem in every other country that banned guns. We didn't see Canada and Australia taken over by criminals. Also, drugs are illegal...


GeorgeCrossPineTree t1_jebn56s wrote

As the owner of several ARs and several hunting rifles, I can tell you that the above comment is not quite accurate. The vast majority of semi-auto hunting rifles, like my Remington Woodsmaster, are in larger calibers than the 5.56, don't have pistol grips, don't allow for the C-Clamp grip, and don't accommodate muzzle brakes... all of which mean a slower rate of fire and reduced accuracy.


undefined_one t1_jefqdx8 wrote

I have several ARs, Blackouts, etc. I think it was obvious that I didn't mean what type of grip it has. I meant the world is under the impression that they are machine guns. You're right - hunting rifles are higher caliber, which makes them even deadlier than an AR. Muzzle brakes control recoil better, but make the gun louder, longer and heavier.

But again, for the people in the back, the AR15 is not a machine gun. You don't hold the trigger and bullets come flying out. It uses the same mechanics as a hunting rifle - you get one bullet when you pull the trigger.


csamsh t1_jeet9h2 wrote

Let's play "Spot the Liar!!!" I win. It's GeorgeCrossPineTree, so has obviously never handled a bolt action rifle or an MSR, much less fired one.


GeorgeCrossPineTree t1_jeewsqi wrote

Go ahead, spot one lie in my comment. You see a lot of c-gripping on a .30-06 M77? You can maintain your sight picture as well with a semi-auto .308 as you can with a .223?


csamsh t1_jef0th5 wrote

I can hunt with any rifle, first of all. AR’s make excellent/versatile hunting platforms, not really sure why you distinguish them from “hunting rifles.” Since you said m77, I’ll group bolt action rifles in as well.

  1. There are tons of pistol grip options for bolt action rifles. Even more for semis.
  2. What does c clamp have to do with anything? But since you asked, yes you can c clamp any rifle.
  3. Pretty much all modern rifles have threaded barrels. All barrels can be threaded.
  4. How does any of what you mention contribute to reduced accuracy?
  5. Your woodsmaster has the same rate of fire as any AR.
  6. My semi auto 308 is well tuned and a very soft shooter. If I were to shoot a 3gun match with the 308, I’d probably split almost the same as with 223. I won’t though because I’m poor.

washingtonpost OP t1_jebv9ha wrote

From Alex Horton:

You are correct that AR-15s are not machine guns. They shoot as fast as any other semiautomatic firearm, since firing speed is as fast as you can pull the trigger. But the comparison has only so much value. Typical hunting rifles are bolt-action and require you to recycle the round manually with each shot. They also often have limited ammunition capacities, typically around 5 with one in the chamber. What also makes them different from AR-15 is their size, weight and length. Most modern ARs have collapsable buttstocks and shorter barrels, making them more compact than your typical hunting rifle. I think in most situations when you want to cause maximum harm, like a mass shooting, those are some of the reasons AR-15s and not hunting rifles are used.

I think one reason AR-15s are so central to this discussion is market saturation. About 1 in 20 U.S. adults own one, according to our polling. Of course there are other types of rifles that are similar, like Mini-14s, and other foreign alternatives, like the Steyr AUG. But those are far less common. I think some reasons are AR-15s are available everywhere, easy to shoot, customizable and fairly cheap for entry level models. AR-15s also have a long and recognizable history from Vietnam all the way to Iraq and Afghanistan because of the use of the rifle’s military cousins, the M16 and M4.

Not to mention that AR-15s are symbolic on both ends on the spectrum. Gun advocates say AR-15s are the pinnacle of the 2nd Amendment, and critics point to it as emblematic of all that is wrong with guns and access to them.


maciver6969 t1_jecrmd4 wrote

What a load of crap. I own several hunting rifles and none are bolt action, and can accomodate different size magazines and function exactly the same as the ar line. Do you know the difference between an ar-15 rifle and carbine as well as the varients? For one, the one you mention having shorter barrels are typically carbines, and they are lighter, making them harder to keep on target reliably when shooting rapidly, making them less than ideal to use in a firefight - speaking as former military I was trained in CQB in the navy with the military version of both the carbine and rifle, I prefered the shotgun.

With the idiots in the press demonizing the whole platform yet most cant identify the differences when handed one randomly, and far too many of the morons in office chiming in with their stupidity - like several saying it is a machine gun. As an AR owner, the reason people I know own them is that they are common enough that you can customize it for the needs you have, need a light, they have a bolt on available. Need it more accurate, better barrels and gas kits. Going in brushy areas? Shorter barrel swap. It makes ONE firearm into multiple with minor costs, a great varmit gun, to an accurate deer rifle, to a beast for killing groups of hogs destroying several states agriculture, to a range rifle and so many inbetween.

Mine was originally chambered in dual 5.56 and 223, I later bought a kit to make it use .22lr, and bought a 300 blackout kit a few months ago.

How about why the media harps on the AR platform as demonic, yet ignores the actual statistics that say handguns are overwelmingly used in violence but arent focused on in any meaningful way. Or that the "mass shootings" definition is so full of shit it isnt funny, when almost every shooting is a mass shooting because it involves more than 2 people. Well with the shooter and a single person is fine, but add a 3rd person and they lose their minds. You want the real reason we have so many violence issues? The damn media. Sensentionalizing these stories and it lets every idiot with an agenda to become famous. Start putting the truth out, that a coward went and attacked people who can not defend themselves in so called gun free zones that advertise that no one will be able to stop them because they KNOW that no one is carrying there, just like the latest shooter did in Nashville, she did not go to the mall because there were rent a cops there. Or the Colorado shooter who went past 5 theaters to one that had a nice gun free zone sign up.

No you wont do that. Now tell us why you wont.


Absolutedisgrace t1_jed5v9x wrote

As a non-american, ive wondered why ar15s were even sold. They seemed like such a military weapon it seemed crazy. Your post is the first time ive seen a good "why" they exist.

Regulation and licensing really seems like the best method here. Never going to fully solve mass shootings but at least it could make it more difficult to go from shop to school in such a short time frame.


Emergencykebab t1_jedw2xa wrote

Your bias is so clear it’s painful to read. And this is from a Brit who thinks the US fascination with guns is unusual to say the least.


csamsh t1_jeete2v wrote

Lol. Wrong. Wrong.... everywhere.... on ... everything....