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Two years ago I got asked to take part in a documentary revolving around men and their cats. I was skeptical but I’m all for weird experiences and figured it would at least be something fun to do. 2 years and multiple film festival awards later we’re walking down the red carpet in NYC for the theatrical premiere. It’s been a wild ride and I would love to share my experiences.


They let my cat into the theater!

EDIT: I know most people that do these sign off at the end, but most people that do these have much more important lives than I do. I’m always here to answer questions about trucking/traveling with a cat or the weirdness of being in a movie because of my cat. This has been really fun!



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crilen t1_iskkssc wrote

You feed your cat measured amounts or just let it eat whenever?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskmum6 wrote

She eats measured amounts. Despite how round she looks she only weighs 10lbs


WateronRocks t1_isklmq5 wrote

A hammock of cake


Gopher--Chucks t1_isma4pp wrote

A pallet? You need... A pallet of chocolate-covered pretzels?

What's this? A drum of grape jam??


arebee20 t1_isoruox wrote

Yogurt covered pretzels are much, much better.


dallacious t1_iskodas wrote

Do you feel that the 2011 hit "Cat Daddy" by The Rej3ctz accurately portrays your journey and experiences as an actual daddy of said cat?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskpt4b wrote

That’s probably the most accurate depiction of my life, even more accurate than this documentary, really.

I’ve gotten to meet most of the cast and nobody seems to notice when I drop references to the song in casual conversations which is a bummer


mattchinn t1_isklzmf wrote

How/why were you approached to take part in the film?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isknssp wrote

The director, Mye Hoang, reached out to us on Instagram. She wanted to bring us on because because I was a truck driver and it allowed for some diversity in filming locations. I won’t lie, I thought it was a scam or something when I got the message.


flowersalsa t1_isku6b6 wrote



KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskv6gw wrote

Yeah, it’s Tora! They put her on the poster and everything, it’s crazy


[deleted] t1_isl4qj5 wrote



KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isl5c9u wrote

When Covid happened we kind of just took a step back from social media and let things play out. Our inbox was flooded with people concerned about our safety and it was just a lot to deal with. We’re happy to be back


Jedi_hugz t1_iskmly2 wrote

What's next for you and your cat?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskqfzr wrote

We were only asked to be present at the NYC opening but I’ve enjoyed this so much we’re going to the Dallas opening too. After this we’re going to be traveling in an RV for a bit and just posting on Instagram from time to time like we were doing before


chevymonza t1_isley89 wrote

Wait, there was a NYC opening?! I didn't see the east coast represented on the list of locations, how can we see this movie??


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_islg7fh wrote

It’s playing at Village East by Angelika for the next week and hopefully a bit longer since it’s doing so well. A lot of opportunities are riding on its success in NYC so hopefully we get to see more shows on the east coast soon


chevymonza t1_islh80f wrote

Great to know, thank you! My husband went from cat-indifferent to devoted cat daddy after we got married. I was demoted to second-favorite human after that, but it was worth it! He's got a surprisingly innate rapport with cats for somebody who never interacted with them (severe allergies.) Hoping he decides having another cat is worth the allergies, he definitely misses having one.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_islhupr wrote

Many of us in the movie had the same experience. I wasn’t a cat person at all for the longest time! That’s awesome that he was persuaded!


chevymonza t1_ism0jip wrote

It's funny (and even a little annoying) because he seems to intuitively know more than I do about what they need/want! Still a wonderful thing. Let's hope they find a cure someday for cat allergies...


skysenfr t1_isnu9gc wrote

If he has severe allergies, how did you mitigate that to be able to have a cat?


chevymonza t1_it4zvq4 wrote

He got bi-weekly shots for a couple of years, which helped a bit. But he also said that we wouldn't get any more cats after that. She died 1.5 years ago and we've been catless since. Which sucks, but I can't insist if he suffers that much discomfort. Hoping he changes his mind!


skysenfr t1_it50tju wrote

Similar situation here... We are hoping to get a dog though not the same


Wickedweed t1_isnuinb wrote

How does he manage his allergies? I love cats but always avoid them due to my lifelong allergies


The_Original_Gronkie t1_iso1kpk wrote

I have severe cat allergies, but I've been able to have as many as five cats at once with daily medication. I started with Claritin, but I switched to Cetirizine and Monelukast (Singulair). Those two both work on allergies, but in different ways, so it's a very effective combo. I get the Cetirizine at the wholesale club very cheap, and the Montelukast was prescribed by my doctor. It's expensive but insurance covers it. I think there may be a generic version now.

I didn't believe that medication would work, but it really did. I had a favorite cat who would sleep next to my head every night and I didn't get sick. I know it's the medication working, too, because I've stopped taking it a couple times as an experiment, and the symptoms start to come back in about 3 days.

Start with generic Claritin (cheap), and take it for a couple of weeks, and then visit someone with cats, and see if you have a big reaction.


lovelyhappyface t1_iso6nhe wrote

What are the long term effects for the medication? I am emotionally allergic to cats


The_Original_Gronkie t1_iso9keb wrote

I've been taking the medication for years with no problems. My wife has too, and she tends to be sensitive to a lot of meds. These drugs have been around for many, many years, especially the OTC drugs like Claritin and Cetirizine. They were prescription-only for many years before becoming generic. The side effects are extremely well known and controllable.

As for your "emotional" issues towards cats, that's another story. I suggest that the best treatment for that would be to live with a couple of cats for an extended period of time, and see how they affect your "emotional allergies." I suspect you will come to appreciate their entertaining qualities.


lovelyhappyface t1_isoe88z wrote

I think it’s their sporadic behavior and smelly indoor poop that really gets to me but I know cats are cool .


The_Original_Gronkie t1_isp7jn8 wrote

Sifting their litter box every day takes care of that problem, but I'm not sure what you mean by "sporadic behavior." If you mean their odd, unpredictable nature, that is actually the fun of cats. You never know what they'll do next, especially if you have more than one. Having multiple cats brings out their personalities better.


lovelyhappyface t1_isp8pb6 wrote

I think them running at fast speeds past your head and face with claws freaks me out.

My friends cat will poop on her couch if he is mad at her.


whatsasimba t1_ispc75f wrote

I grew up with cats, and my memories of them were basically just like that. I lived in apartments for 20+ years as an adult, and rabbits were my pet of choice for most of them. Basically the enthusiasm of a dog when I came home, but less stinky litterboxes (mine were trained).

A few years after the last one passed away, I got a dog. Then a house, and a second dog. And two and a half years ago, a good friend needed to go into assisted living, so I took her cats. Internally, I wasn't thrilled, but if I can keep animals out of the shelter, I'll do it.

There was a period of separation in the house, with cats in the attic, but a few months in, everyone started to mingle. And I love these cats. The litter box situation is still evolving (I think I'm getting the robot), but they're pretty chill. I've had to intervene a time or two before the pups get a taste of the murder mittens, but both dogs and a cat are snoozing on my bed, and most nights, all 4 of them sleep with me.

I don't know that I'd get another cat when these two go to live with their mom at the rainbow bridge, but I want them to have as long and happy a life as possible until then.


chevymonza t1_it4zm0h wrote

He got bi-weekly shots for about two years. Still was very allergic, and would say "this is the last cat you'll ever have." She died last year, and I'm hoping he'll decide to get another. But he always had some trouble breathing when she was around so I don't want to make that decision.

It's very hard not having a cat, though. I really miss it.


friskevision t1_ismxqtr wrote

When and where in Dallas?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismz7jk wrote

It will be at the Angelika Film Center starting on the 21st and lasting for a week. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday, I don’t know what showings they want me to show up for but I’ll probably just end up hanging out at the theater for most of the day, that’s what I did in NYC today.


friskevision t1_isn170b wrote

Awesome! I’ll try to come out!


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isn1kuu wrote

Awesome, hope to see you there! It will be streaming next year but I’d highly recommended seeing it in theaters, it was shot with the big screen in mind and it shows


ZDHZXNE t1_iskktht wrote

How did it feel walking down that red carpet?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskp59n wrote

I felt so many different ways ,honestly. At first I felt like I made the wrong decision. There was a lot of people giving me directions at the same time, look this way, get the cat to look that way, I’m just a regular guy with a cat that doesn’t know she’s in a movie, it got really crazy really quick. We took a break for a few minutes and just sat in a hallway watching people line up for the movie. After I realized I could just take it at my own pace it was really enjoyable, I’m glad we got to do it


DassinJoe t1_iskniej wrote

I have a cat, and I’m also a dad.
How do I become a Cat Dad?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskpzvw wrote

There’s been a lot of people asking for a sequel, strike while the irons hot and send the director a message!


DassinJoe t1_isksjrp wrote

Looks like a cool movie dude. Well done.


adudeguyman t1_iskzziu wrote

Are you prepared for when people recognize you when they see you? I would think it is a weird feeling when a stranger knows who you are and you have no idea who they are.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isl2y4k wrote

When we showed up to the premiere I didn’t know there was actually an early screening just letting out. I went to the restroom and people came in addressing me by name and asking about my personal life. It was the most bizarre feeling in the world. We’ve been recognized a few times while checking out stuff around the theater and I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to it, I’m caught off guard every single time


adudeguyman t1_isln5gb wrote

Give Tora a pet from me. I look forward to watching the movie.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_islnxg6 wrote

I will! She’s sitting outside of the theater waiting to do a Q&A. You’re going to love the movie!


codywithak t1_isktt02 wrote

I missed this at a festival earlier in the year and was really bummed since I’m a cat dad myself. Do you know if there will be a VOD release?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskv1ax wrote

Sorry you missed it but you’re going to love it when you get to see it, I watched it Friday and was blown away.

When people coming to the film asked about streaming. the directors answer was “it will be streaming next year” I asked her off to the side hoping to get a behind the scenes answer but it seems that’s the best we have at the moment. I don’t know when or where it will be streaming but hopefully we have an answer soon. I really hope as many people see it in theaters as possible though, it was made for the big screen and it shows.


codywithak t1_islqywz wrote

Thanks. Maybe I should road trip to Dallas.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_islxqgx wrote

Do it! I’m leaving NYC tonight and driving to Dallas


iddpsycho t1_islyxep wrote

When is the screening in dallas?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismbrp5 wrote

It opens on Friday the 21st, Tora and I will be there on Friday and Saturday. I don’t know what all they’ll have us doing but we’ll probably just spend both days hanging around the theater


somebrookdlyn t1_isl2zx8 wrote

Do you know of the organization known as "Flatbush Cats"?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isl4xmj wrote

Not only do I know them, they’re in the movie and the work they’re doing is captured beautifully. I got to hangout with them Friday and Saturday and they’re such amazing people


somebrookdlyn t1_isl99q7 wrote

As a member myself, I love working with them. Me and my mom were shouted out in their first volunteer newsletter as a part of the multi-block sweep from over the summer. Cool to hear you're familiar with us!


FallenAngelicDespair t1_iskqptw wrote

How did you get casted for the role? And how did your cat like the red carpet?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isksmbp wrote

The director, Mye Hoang, reached out to us on Instagram and asked if we would be interested. They had been filming a lot on the west coast and wanted to get some different locations, I was a truck driver so that went well with what they were looking for.

I tried to tell the cat what we were about to do but I don’t think she was listening. At first she seemed a little overwhelmed by all of the cameras and people being pushy to get pictures. Once we started doing our own thing and not really listening to the directions people were giving she warmed up to all of it and made friends out of the people waiting to see the film. They let us sit in and watch the movie and she seemed intrigued by such a new environment. She ended up falling asleep and snoring just a few minutes after it started playing.


happylittletrees t1_iskywgs wrote

Omg I just watched the trailer and this looks like the sweetest movie. What was your favorite aspect of participating in this project? Also, your cat is adorable. 🥰


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isl059u wrote

First off, I want to say thank you, I read all of the compliments Tora gets to her and it goes straight to her head. My favorite part of this whole experience has been meeting everyone involved in making it happen. I’m honestly shocked at the amount of genuinely amazing people surrounding this movie. The crew was awesome when filming, they really took time to get my cat comfortable with them, it quickly became like friends hanging out and just recording some videos. When I got to NYC and met the other cat dads I was once again blown away, everyone has been such a joy to be around and I say that as someone that doesn’t like being around people. I don’t get anything for promoting this movie but I want it to be successful as possible because I know the passion and love that went into making it


happylittletrees t1_isl16sz wrote

That is so cool! Thank you for replying, it sounds like this was an amazing experience for you and Tora, I am looking forward to watching the movie. :D


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isl3gji wrote

It was such a cool thing to be part of, you have to let us know what you think when you see it! I’ve just been hanging around the theater all day hyping people up as they walk in


SeattlePurikura t1_isl26fm wrote

I guess this part of the film, but how is your cat so chill about travelling around? Did you take her outside from kittenhood?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isl4irr wrote

We got her when she was around 8 weeks old and started harness training her immediately but I’m still on the fence when it comes to if all cats can be leash trained or not. A big thing you’ll see in the film is all of us admitting this is just who our cats are. There’s one guy in the movie that adopted his cat later on and the cat took to the outdoors instantly. Starting young helps but the cats personality is definitely a huge factor


AlliedXbox t1_isn2vkl wrote

How often do you say "Ooh big stretch!" When the cat does a big stretch?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso0qfw wrote

Every single time. She never has a big stretch or a big yawn without me commenting on it


Testecles t1_islvqt1 wrote

They made a movie about people like me? shit that's cool. I'm "catman" - the guy from DC that would stand on the top edge of tall buildings, looking around with my cat. lol. I taught her how to roll over... sit... shake... she was smart. She could turn door knobs. Didn't need a leash. =) Accidentally got another cat. But this one hasn't been taught dumb pet tricks. =) I took my cat into the office at night once, and when she shat on my boss's carpet, I realized he deserved it. I didn't clean it up properly, and the smell was there for weeks, and no evidence that we did it. =) muhahaha.


Darthbearclaw t1_iso66ou wrote

I’m another cat dad from the DMV. There are a lot of us here!

Got my little buddy secondhand. Was dating someone, she adopted a cat out of the blue, I come home to a small black kitten looking at me in my living room like it owns the place.

I picked him up and that was that. He came to prefer my company over hers, and when we split and she moved cross country to be with her sister and mom, she wanted me to keep little dude, since I was home to him. For the next three years I was single early 30s cat dad and it was me and him through the pandemic, he’s become a semi-lap at and would stick around while I told him about my day. I know he didn’t understand the words but he came to my voice and sat next to me. Very cathartic. My friends all come over and everyone loves playing with him and he just kinda chills on people’s laps. He’s very social.

Met a girl, we moved in, she brought her doggo, and my cat now has a very dumb but lovable brother, an identically sized and colored Shihtzu he snuggles with. Life is good.


Testecles t1_isqnrd2 wrote

Awww. Thank you for shating your story! That's fantastic. I thin most of us talk to our cats sometimes... when we have a bad day. lol. They may not understand the words, but quite often, their reaction seemed appropriate. lol


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso1xkg wrote

That’s awesome! We’ve been teaching Tora tricks but we haven’t been able to teach her the pooping on the carpet of our enemies trick yet. Maybe we’ll work on that next!


mangodelvxe t1_ism97t9 wrote

Will you ever return to making stuff like Issues and Follow The Leader? No disrespect but I feel you fell off when you guy tried to capitalise on the whole brostep thing


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismdrj4 wrote

I think Korn would have a much easier time answering this one. A little fun fact, the cameraman for Cat Daddies, Robert Bennett, shot a Korn concert during Covid so it was just the crew and the band which was probably a blast


[deleted] t1_ismv8iq wrote



KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isn0h1k wrote

She wasn’t a fan of people she didn’t know crowding her to take pictures, and honestly I wasn’t a fan of that either. Filming the movie was easy because the crew took the time to get to know her, the red carpet was just a lot being thrown at us at once. After like 5 minutes of the red carpet thing we dipped off and found a spot to watch people lining up and watch the other cats do their thing. Once she was able to observe for awhile she warmed up to it and ended up eating treats in the middle of the carpet until I had to carry her away.


[deleted] t1_isn5jl7 wrote



KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso0jg1 wrote

Thanks! It’s been such a wild experience. I thought seeing the documentary would make it feel real but someone it feels less real now. I can’t believe it!


alienflowercatz t1_ism9jrm wrote

Where will it be streaming? 😺


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismdu59 wrote

I have no idea! All we’ve heard so far is it will be on streaming sometime next year


MNCPA t1_ismrege wrote

Sorry, how do we watch the documentary? None of the theaters are near me.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismzt05 wrote

Getting more places added was riding on the success of this opening weekend and from what I’ve heard it went really well so hopefully we see more dates added soon. It will be streaming next year but I haven’t heard any info on that as far as a solid date goes


noNoParts t1_ismvo58 wrote

Waffles or French toast? And why?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isn0rht wrote

I tend to steer clear of both being that neither are typically vegan. Before going vegan though, waffles. I’ve never been a big fan of sweet foods and anytime I’ve had french toast it was just too sweet for me.


Goldjoz t1_isn2njj wrote

How did the cat react to walking down the red carpet? Was he/she stressed? If yes, how did you handle it?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso1hl9 wrote

It was overwhelming for both of us at first to be honest. She wasn’t a fan of people crowding her to take pictures, I wasn’t a fan of it either, I felt like I made the wrong decision at first. Thankfully she gets carried around in dog backpack so she was able to just hide from people, I didn’t have that option so I just walked away. We sat off in a little hallway and watched everything play out. There were other cats there and we watched them for a while and watched people line up for the movie, chatted with some people that didn’t know we were in the movie which was a good break from the pressure. After hanging back for a bit she warmed up and wanted to take part in it. We went back on the carpet and she ate treats in the middle of it until they wouldn’t let us stay there anymore lol


Goldjoz t1_isogcaz wrote

That sounds adorable. Thank you for the reply! Though, weren't you afraid of her getting scared and running away? Or does the dog bag have any measures against it?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_isp9k6y wrote

Thankfully the bag is a little safe space for her. She uses it when she’s tired of walking on hikes, if we’re in a place she’s unfamiliar with and hasn’t warmed up to, and now she uses it for movie premieres apparently. When she’s in the bag she’s really comfortable, it’s like being at home I guess. There is a little clip that I clip her harness to that keeps her from jumping out, I used that for this event but it wasn’t necessary


InYourCatsFace t1_isncqba wrote

Can I get in your cats face?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso06tp wrote

Yes but be prepared for the consequences… she licks everyone she meets


InYourCatsFace t1_isoa2ny wrote

I love them all. I see a stray orange cat that wanders the neighborhood and another stray one with boots. They let me pick them up and hug them.


gomurifle t1_isnsmkx wrote

Are you still trucking? And if so you do manage to fit the shiw biz commitments into your schedule?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso01jv wrote

I’m not trucking anymore, actually. For a few years I was living in the truck working 70 hours a week, taking 3 days off every 3 months or so, it all caught up to me at once. I decided to take a break and realized how much I enjoyed doing things other than driving a truck all day. I just bought an RV so I’m still traveling I just get to do it on my own terms while exploring creative outlets I enjoy like photography


Sik_Facadian t1_isoigty wrote

You are an unusual individual, I hope you relish that. :) ok so; two questions. What’s kitteh’s favorite treats, and how hard was it to get him there without dying?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ispa5oj wrote

That’s an interesting compliment and I like it. She loves anything in a puree tube, it’s the only snack she’s never refused. I actually spilled one on the red carpet while feeding her. Getting there without dying was easy, just popped her in her backpack and she went along for the ride


Sik_Facadian t1_ispafum wrote

Do you have a P O Box is can send some treats to? :D


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ispatsz wrote

You are far too kind! I’m not in this to gain anything, I didn’t even get paid for the movie, if you absolutely insist it would be great to donate any treat money to a charity that aligns with your values


Sik_Facadian t1_ispazrd wrote

I can do that. :) and I know; I just wanted to give treats to your kitteh ;) you’re a good dude. Tbh thanks for the replies


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ispcwxa wrote

I really appreciate it! She’s super stocked up on treats. There’s an older couple from CT that sends her birthday gifts and we decided to head up there to meet them being that they’ve been so sweet and following along on Instagram forever and of course they showered her with treats while we were there. Of course, thanks for the questions, I can’t believe this is something people actually wanted to talk about, I thought I would get like 2 or 3 comments.


Sik_Facadian t1_ispd59m wrote

Cats are amazing creatures and they are highly underestimated. My Wally (legally Wally West The Fastest Cat Alive) and I can speak and I know his meows and he knows what I say well enough for us to communicate fairly well. They are more than pets :)


catdad t1_ison2cv wrote

How do I request my royalty check?


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Karl_Marx_ t1_iso07sx wrote

You are a what, from what?


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iso1lrb wrote

I have a cat, someone put me in a movie about it. Now I’m here talking about it, I guess, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️


begtodifferclean t1_ism8kwd wrote

How's it feel to enslave an animal?

To feed them at your leisure, only things you want to feed them, to have them confined to your every whim at all times?

To subject an animal to stunts like this, do you feel good, secure, confident?

I ain't no animal activist, I grew up in a farm, mainly wondering why people enslave animals like this.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismcmyf wrote

You think having pets is enslavement but farms are fine? Interesting take. Tora has a really good life and by all indications enjoys what we do. Thanks for commenting though and I hope you see the film to get a better understanding of the relationships people have with their pets and how they really are part of our families.


begtodifferclean t1_isme0iq wrote

No thanks. Having pets is enslavement, pure and simple.

Do you let them hunt? eat whatever they want? shit whenever they want? HELL NO.

You feed them pellets from a lab because it is convenient for you.

That's having a slave in your house.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismfr6s wrote

If you don’t mind me asking, did your farm have animals and if so what was their purpose? Another question I have is would you consider having small children slavery being that you make the majority of their decisions for them or do you only support free range feral children? Just trying to figure out where you draw the line.


Cambionr t1_ismiv43 wrote

Dude, you’re being trolled.


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_ismjppg wrote

Absolutely, it’s just fun, I love the responses


magialuna t1_isnata3 wrote

Obviously they don't have any cats or they would know who was the slave to who...

Our cats sit where they want, sleep where they want, play where they want... And if they decide that they want petted, they find a human and demand petting. They always get it. Our female cat's way of telling us she loves us is to nip our legs with her teeth. I think she is serious about the love part, but she also does seem amused.

Yeah there's some mild enslavement going on, but it isn't the cats.

I forgot to mention all three of our cats are rescues from kill shelters. So it's definitely a step up from their previous circumstances, and may have saved their lives if no one else adopted them.

(Edit to correct some mild errors from voice transcription)


heyemsy t1_isnftuu wrote

Love this comment! We have 2 sisters that, even though they’re 11 now, still act like kittens! They were also rescue cats.

We definitely know who is boss - and it isn’t the humans in the household lol!


Cambionr t1_ismtp80 wrote

Just what I’d expect a slave owner to say.


mnp t1_ismid60 wrote

No, it's symbiosis.

These are domesticated animals that live far longer, healthier lives of leisure than their wild cousins. There is mutual benefit from the relationship.


graceodymium t1_ismarrx wrote

You sound like you’re a lot of fun at parties.


begtodifferclean t1_ismeapo wrote

Yep, because I can tell jokes and I don't enslave animals.

You could be in agreement with a lot of humans, that doesn't change my perspective that having pets is inhumane.

You could be in disagreement with me, doesn't change the fact you are keeping animals hostage against their will.


graceodymium t1_isn7pyc wrote

My dog was nearly 20 pounds underweight when she was picked up by animal control after a hurricane after living as a street dog in Jacksonville her whole life. She gets two squares and treats, dictated by what she finds most appealing, as well as stimulation via nosework, trail walks, and puzzles. She went from being a malnourished garbage scavenger to a sheltered, well-fed, loved, clean, safe animal, with regular veterinary care, health insurance, and loving, affectionate people. I will not apologize for that. She is not a coyote or a wolf. She is a domesticated canid and she already exists. She was bred for human companionship, and I will provide her that until her last breath.


scavengercat t1_ismslcn wrote

So you talk to cats? What other secrets have they shared?


AdlPadl970 t1_iso0f3q wrote

lol. How does it feel to be a "slave" to technology? You're a moron dude, let this guy have his time


Swiss-Name t1_iskqn2t wrote

Hey David, i have a good friend but he likes me a lot more than me in a way he sees me as his long lost brother and almost idolizes me and that is kinda pff putting for me. How would i go about distancing myself from him? Lately ive just been a dick to him


KonnichiwaAmigos OP t1_iskt3v1 wrote

I would have him watch Cat Daddies, all of us would be thrilled to have him as our long lost brother. Good luck