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rogers_trafton t1_its6r11 wrote

I've bookmarked your AMA because I think it helps to answer some serious questions regarding access to and use of psychedelics.

Where is your masterclass accessible from?

Do you think the US will ever actually accept and not just decriminalize, but legalize, the use of these compounds as a viable treatment option?


psychsafetyalliance OP t1_its8kuc wrote

Happy to help! That's why we came back for another round - there are just so many questions, especially as psychedelics have been moving more into the mainstream.

Our masterclass is available on our website, which we update quarterly with new research and resources:

We've also got an email list we regularly send out resources to:

Regarding legalization, it is our sincere hope that our country will continue to move in that direction. The recent announcement by the Biden administration formally announcing the failure of the policies around marijuana was an exciting step in the right direction:

The FDA's incremental progress in approving MDMA and psilocybin therapies has also taken some promising steps forward in recent months:

It's been the work of countless activists and researchers over decades, but I think, as a community, we're getting there!