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PeanutSalsa t1_itv3mf1 wrote

Why do you think gluten allergies have become so common among people?


cucciaman OP t1_itv505m wrote

Hi /u/PeanutSalsa,
Great question. There is definitely a mix of factors driving this increasing frequency of gluten allergies.

One theory is that the increase in the prevalence of gluten allergy is due to changes in the wheat that is grown today.

Another theory is that the increase in gluten allergies is due to the increased consumption of processed foods that contain gluten. For example, we see a much higher level of gluten allergy in Asian immigrants in the west. Before moving to the west, many people's diets consisted of much less gluten. It is therefore possible that the high level of gluten in the Standard American Diet is not compatible with many people's bodies.

Lastly, as with many diseases like cancer and autism, we have simply gotten better at diagnosing things and see them for what they are. So it may not be that there's a growing amount of the allergy, but that we are simply better at detecting it.

Thank you !


HelluvaKnight t1_itvjaqt wrote

Speaking by anecdotes, I, seem to have issues with anything store bought/processed gluten. It's not even minor either it's pretty severe reactions. However, if I were to go and buy a bag of whole wheat flour, or even make my own flour from scratch with a blender and use that on recipes to make my own bread and other gluten products, I seem to have 0 issues.

I haven't put my finger on what it could be I check very carefully on labels now and try to make comparisons of products that flare me up although lately I've just eliminated most processed foods from my diet anyways since the recent findings that ultra processed foods is a leading cause of cancer.

Maybe it's the way they process the gluten these days or mixture of cheaper products/oils/ sugars/ flavors comparatively to about ten years ago. Whatever it is, it's in everything now. I have no choice but to avoid anything that isn't whole foods.


knowitallz t1_itx93l7 wrote

I saw something from Michael Pollan that was saying that if you add yeast to the wheat it naturally ferments / digests it so your body can more easily digest it.

I can eat organic bread that comes from a bakery with no gluten related digestive issues.

But if I eat a lot of processed stuff which has wheat flour or things like wonder bread then I have issues.

Usually those issues are constipation and what feels like high blood sugar


beultraviolet t1_iu1daqv wrote

I actually haven’t tried making my own baked goods after realizing I’m gluten intolerant. I went from someone who ate a whole baguette throughout the day to not eating bread at all. I’m scared of risking it though. Not sure the pain is worth it anymore, I barely miss the actual bread. I just miss Chinese food.