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cucciaman OP t1_itvskyp wrote

>I had H Pylori a few years ago and it really went qute bad for me. Ended up needing two blood transfusions etc.
>Is there anything I can specifically do myself to mitigate it happening again? It's always a lingering worry at the back of my mind.

Thanks for your question u/stvbles !

Sorry to hear you had such a rough time.

H. Pylori is extremely common with the majority of the world’s population having some in their bodies. In most cases symptoms are rare, but in others ulcers and inflammation can be found.

When it comes to prevention (I had to look this up) there doesn’t seem to be much outside of general hygiene to avoid a recurrent infection. I’ll include some links below from the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, but the general gist is to make sure you’re using and consuming clean water and washing your hands thoroughly before eating.

I know this probably isn’t the answer you were looking for, but recurring infections tend to be rare; mainly occurring in developing countries and shortly after being ‘cured’ due to incomplete clearance. Due to the fact that you mentioned it has been years since your infection it seems you’re in the clear :)

Hope this helps!