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fitzsimonsdotdev t1_itvuzwx wrote

Do you have any sense of how many people who increase fermented food intake have improved sleep?

My sleep is dramatically improved since I started eating 6 servings of fermented foods each day. Of course, it could be placebo or variance. But I'm curious if a side effect of my new dietary habits is sleep.


cucciaman OP t1_itw3v2b wrote

This is an interesting one, thanks u/fitzsimonsdotdev

The mind and the gut are more closely linked than many people realize. It’s the reason why our mouth waters and our stomach gurgles when we see yummy food or why we might feel the need to throw up when we get nervous or scared.

With this in mind it’s not hard to imagine that fermented foods could boost your sleep. One theory is that inflammation in the body can worsen sleep quality, which can in turn drive further inflammation. A recent article showed that regular consumption of multiple portions of fermented foods daily could substantially reduce inflammation in the body.

Perhaps the anti-inflammatory effects of the fermented foods you're having could be positively impacting your sleep.


mfalkvidd t1_itwjysz wrote

What fermented food do you eat? Do you do anything to create variants with different taste or texture?