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Hi, we are the Scientific Advisory Board of the Food Packaging Forum, a diverse group of researchers investigating how chemicals in consumer products affect our health, green chemistry, plastic and chemical pollution, microplastics, endocrine disruption, and so much more!

The Food Packaging Forum (FPF) is a science- based NGO investigating how food packaging, especially packaging's chemicals, affects human health. FPF is organizing this AMA to provide the unique opportunity for Redditors to ask questions of a room full of scientists dedicated to this and related subjects. Participating scientists include:

Pete Myers, Leonardo Trasande (u/leotrasande), Olwenn Martin, Maricel Maffini, Ksenia Groh, Jane Muncke (u/BetterDecision8918), Martin Wagner, Lisa Zimmermann, Birgit Geueke, and more!

You may have seen FPF's research on r/Science in May which hit the front page: >1500 chemicals detected migrating into food from food packaging (another ~1500 may also but more evidence needed) | 65% are not on the public record as used in food contact | Plastic had the most chemicals migration | Study reviews nearly 50 years of food packaging and chemical exposure research

Proof! EDIT: Better Proof!

EDIT: We are heading out. Thank you so much for hanging out with us and asking such great questions! We hope to do this again! Bye!

EDIT 2: Hi All- It has been a few hours and I see more questions are coming in. Thank you for your continued interest! It's almost 11pm in Zurich so we are all heading to bed but I (Lindsey, FPF communications person) am copying questions into a document that I will email to the scientific advisory board to try and get a few more answers! Thank you for making this event a success!

EDIT 3 (10:30am Zurich):

Many question are around what to actually do. We understand not everybody has the time/money/access/resources to avoid packaging or buy different kitchen appliances or whatever. FPF has written an article explaining under which circumstances chemical migration happens more. I have copied some of the information here but the original article has more information and sources.

Chemical migration from plastic and other types of food packaging into food is greatest:

  • Over extended time periods
  • At higher temperatures
  • With fatty and/or acidic foods
  • When packaged in smaller serving sizes

So if you have the option, store foods in inert containers (glass/steel/ceramic, or store leftovers in a bowl or pot with a lid on top), wait for foods to cool, put fatty foods in inert containers, and buy in bulk.



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