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Hi there Chloe Traicos here I play Gloria Freeman on The Righteous Gemstones. Here to talk about The Righteous Gemstones and my other job - Making independent films on tiny budgets. My last film " Introducing Jodea" was shot on 30K and is selling really well. It was ranked second on Apple TV and has won over 20 awards. To make a good film all you need is a committed cast and crew who know how to do the best possible job on a minimal budget. Happy to answer any questions you may have on The Righteous Gemstones or independent film making.

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afternever t1_iwmxtfb wrote

Did you ever run around the house with a pickle in your mouth?


AmericanBuffaloo t1_iwmo7td wrote

How does Uncle Baby Billy smell?

And, Chloe, are you a cat girl or a dog girl? Some people may think they're both, but you gotta be one or the other, now. That's just a fact.


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmoltz wrote

Ha ha ha ha. Uncle Baby Billy aka Walton Goggins is awesome! And I'm Definitely a Cat Girl. It was bliss on set playing with all those kittens.


1flewunder t1_iwp6h3o wrote

Man that dude was so damned evil in Justified but I freakin love his character in the Gemstones


CardiologistSmart421 t1_iwr0nds wrote

I absolutely adored his character in 2010's Predators. Just crass, hilarious, and awful to the end. Love me some Walton since the Shield Days. I sometimes use the pseudonym Cleetus Van Damme for funsies.


ShlomoKenyatta t1_iwmll3c wrote

Do you see a big difference between actors on the show who grew up Christian vs. actors who didn’t?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmqa58 wrote

Hey Shlomo.... To be honest nobody talked about religion on set although I think I was the only Jew. The only time religion came up was when we wrapped shooting the day before Good Friday and everyone hugged each other and wished one another Happy Easter and I was like......Chag Sameach it's also Pesach!


earbox t1_iwq7j44 wrote

Eric Andre and Jason Schwartzman are Jewish, too.


tokyotapes t1_iwqu5qy wrote

Eric Andre is Jewish? TIL


Barbarossa7070 t1_iwqvqm2 wrote

And hall of famer Rod Carew - he converted.


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwr1mbv wrote

Hysterical thread here. I'm hoping to make it into one of Adam Sandler's Chanukah songs one day.


earbox t1_iwqxaie wrote

(pace Adam Sandler, that is a common misconception--Carew's first wife was Jewish and they raised their children Jewish, but he never actually converted.)


axJustinWiggins t1_iwmjr1e wrote

How do you assemble your crew? Just had my first film festival experience with my own movie, and walked away from it feeling insecure about the production value (my wife and I did everything, and we pretty much know how to do nothing aside from writing and art).


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmlned wrote

Thanks for asking. I know exactly how you feel as I've been there and done that. Good for you and your wife for being such go getters. What I do with crew is I've realised the most important members are Director, DP, Editor and Makeup Artist. If your budget is limited as mine was just make sure you have enough that Those Members are paid well ( or well according to whatever your budget is) Sound is something that can always be fixed later. I've had film students operate sound before and it's been fine. When I was new to town I found these crew members by advertising on Craigs List. Always ask for their reel or resume so you can see the value of their work. Once you have a good Key person in place like a director. They usually have a preferred DP who they work with and in the same way the DP may have a preferred camera man ( although a lot of DPs like to do their own camera work) So with me I make sure all these key positions are taken by people who are good. Anyone else doesn't have to be A list they just need to know how to work together to help create the vision. Most importantly it's good to make sure you're all on the same page and can get along as so many productions fall through through disagreements over artistic vision. PS if you'd like feedback on your movie I'm happy to give it. Feel free to private message me here.


axJustinWiggins t1_iwmn6n9 wrote

This is an amazing answer, thank you! A PM has been sent, I really appreciate your kind offer.


i-node t1_iwn37os wrote

It must be exciting working with such a great cast. A lot of them have made some funny shows. (Eastbound and Down, Workaholics) Do you go to work every day expecting to laugh?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwn49g1 wrote

Yes it was wonderful. They're super funny and Walton especially is great at improvising but they're also really considerate and sweet.


i-node t1_iwn4nvd wrote

Walton did great work on Justified and the Shield. Never realized he could be funny too.


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwn5xmz wrote

He's an incredible actor. What's great about him is that when you're playing opposite him like in the Christmas mall scene - he is so convincing. I was in character and just angry at the way he was speaking to me and speaking at Harmon. Afterwards when I was no longer in character and saw the scene I was just laughing hysterically. He's so funny....but at the same time such a good actor. I still crack up at the "f###ing space cadet " line


Phrantasia t1_iwqaqro wrote

He stars alongside Danny McBride in Vice Principals if you haven't see that one yet. Good laughs there.


MrHankRutherfordHill t1_iwqeaa5 wrote

Yessss I wish there was more Vice Principals. Walton and Danny work so well together.


Substantial-Pass-992 t1_iwmeje2 wrote

Upon seeing the note I have to ask...are you doing this of your own free will?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmepj6 wrote

Hi there. Yes I am. Although I did hold an AMA some months back and many people who missed it asked me to do it again.


PeanutSalsa t1_iwmw18f wrote

Are there any really low budget films you like a lot and recommend watching?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwn03o2 wrote

Hey. Sorry I missed this question. Yes. There are. One of my favorite low budget classics is Napoleon Dynamite. Just a quirky classic and going back to old films there's The Rocky Horror show. And then with quirky British comedies there's Monty Python and the Holy Grail which is pure gold comedy wise but was shot on 220 K


RedDogElPresidente t1_iwn3853 wrote

Great films.


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwnor84 wrote

They are. You don't need money to make a great film. ......... Well depends on the film of course but I think these ones prove my point


glowcloudly t1_iwmh56z wrote

Do you write and direct your films? If so, what would you consider to be your greatest inspirations for your films?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmhqeu wrote

Great question. Lots of different things inspire me. I tend to write and act though not direct as I suck at that. Lol. My latest movie " Introducing Jodea" is a comedy about the moviebiz and anyone who has worked in the film biz I'm sure can relate to it. It was inspired by many bad experiences of rejection I'd had and so I just decided to turn it into a comedy. It's on all main platforms at the moment. You can check out the trailer here So mostly true experiences are what inspire me. Turning negatives into positives.


4_bit_forever t1_iwmhcwy wrote

What's your favorite Ramones album?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmitqa wrote

Album I''m not sure of but my favorite song of theirs is Out of Time. The Best!


4_bit_forever t1_iwmjgrp wrote

Nice! It's on Acid Eaters


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmjtt7 wrote

Ah thanks for that. My mom raised me with good taste in music - She loves The Ramones


PeanutSalsa t1_iwmo243 wrote

Where did the 30K used to make Introducing Jodea come from?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmoi48 wrote

Good question. My savings and those of 2 dear friends who loved the script.


di11ard t1_iwnccbi wrote

In the interlude episode of Season 1 (episode 5), Baby Billy is playing catch (football) with Harmon. Aimee-Leigh walks toward the fence and says "Hey Harmon." Harmon's response is the most bizarre and HILARIOUS sound I have ever heard in my life. I bet my wife and I have watched that scene no less than 30 times trying to decipher what in the hell Harmon is saying. The subtitles just say [babbles] Meep-meep.

Do you have any idea what was the line, or what was in the script for Harmon to say at that point?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwnelg2 wrote

So funny you ask that. I have a feeling that might have been added in post production as I really have no recollection of him making that sound on set and I'm sure I'd remember something like that. I know what you mean. When I heard it I also cracked up. Jeremy is the most terrific little actor.


di11ard t1_iwng2xi wrote

Thank you for this response, and I wish you nothing but continued success!


Johnny_Minoxidil t1_iwn6z8z wrote

Did you get to work with Edi Patterson, if so, what was that like? She is so good on that show!


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwn8ops wrote

No sadly I didn't. I love her. I did work with little Emma Shannon who plays Little Judy and she was incredible.


lovestostayathome t1_iwmwofu wrote

What was the casting experience like for Righteous Gemstones?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmzku7 wrote

I don't know about everyone else but with me it was the first time I'd auditioned and gotten the role right away. Usually there's a callback or two. But with this I videoed my audition on the Sunday. Emailed it that night and by noon Tuesday got told I had the role. We shot on Wednesday and Thursday. Was super fast.


donatellher t1_iwmv6l9 wrote

Who were you most excited to work with on The Righteous Gemstones?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmw1nr wrote

Ah hard question. I was excited about working with Danny McBride David Gordon Greene, Walton Goggins - But I think I was Especially excited to be working with John Goodman as he's such a legend and I've been watching him in films since I was little.


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwo2d9m wrote

Thank you to everyone who is taking part. I'm going to be checking back in again in a little while. In the mean time do catch my movie Introducing Jodea that's out on all major platforms. Both Amazon and Itunes have it at half price this week especially because of the promotions we're running. You're welcome to hop online again and ask me any questions after seeing the film about how certain things were done on such a small budget. Thanks again to everyone!


PeanutSalsa t1_iwmows5 wrote

How much money has Introducing Jodea made since it began being monetized?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmqw05 wrote

I don't know if I'm allowed to reveal that yet as for the first year or so what we make goes back to the distributors. So I haven't seen anything yet. However with the ratings we've been getting I'm hoping that we'll have some coming our way by early next year (we'll have been selling for a year then)


cocoacowstout t1_iwnlis0 wrote

For you films, do you normally self finance, or are there any financial partners/grants that are involved?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwnn9g3 wrote

Heya. I've done both. My first movie in the US " Devil's Cove" I self financed completely and we shot it on the shoe string budget of $10K. For Introducing Jodea I had 2 other friends/ investors who came on board with me. It's always good to find people to invest with you but sometimes if there's a project you're truly passionate about and nobody wants to invest.- the only answer is to do it yourself. Crowdfund. Save your money. Whatever works.


Simanai t1_iwnm3j5 wrote

What would you like personally to see in the next season of the righteous gemstones?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwnnd0o wrote

Oh wow... what woudn't I like to see?


There are so many cool characters.Definitely more of BJ interacting with the Gemstones. That's my favorite part. Him and Judy rock!


DrMantisToboggan45 t1_iwo6sks wrote

How is it getting to work with Adam devine? He seems like a hysterical person to be around


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwoaw2g wrote

Sadly I haven't worked with him. We haven't done any scenes together. But I agree. He's one of my favorites. Hilarious. Brilliant actor with superb comic timing


harleyenjoysmusic t1_iwowsdr wrote

Thank you so much for doing this! Was everyone just as nice on set as they seem online? I have so much love for Danny McBrides work it’s insane. I bet it was just an awesome experience, thanks again!


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwr0144 wrote

It's my pleasure. Yes everyone was so wonderful on set. It was all completely new to me but they all went out of their way to make me so welcome


PeanutSalsa t1_iwmo9or wrote

How was the 30K spent and allocated for making Introducing Jodea?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmpw6n wrote

Heya. Hmm now this one's got me cause I can't give exact figures simply because I don't remember. But where I can I will. Insurance was around $4-5K. That's always a must for me. The lead actors ( except for myself) were all paid upfront (micro budget SAG rates) For the smaller cast members payment was deferred. Crew wise the DP, camera crew and head makeup artist were paid upfront. Several grand was spent on equipment. And in post a couple of grand spent on the editor, sound and musicians. Everyone else was deferred. Jon who was our editor and director kindly deferred his directing fee ( he's a good friend and had been on board the project from Day 1 so it was his baby too) A couple of grand was spent on locations (can't remember how much all up The biggest one was the movie studio we rented which I think was 7K. Although our 2 best ones - the mansion and the office were kindly given for free. And as with every movie several grand is always spent on catering and craft services because when it's low budget you want to keep everyone well fed. But yes check out the film yourself and feel free to private message me with your thoughts.


PeanutSalsa t1_iwmrgw5 wrote

Is deferred conditional to if the film makes back more than its budget?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwmtjlw wrote

Yes basically when the film makes back money the investors are reimbursed first then the actors and director, crew etc


Badger_Silverado t1_iwns712 wrote

What was the funniest scene you filmed?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwnst3j wrote

So many. I loved it when Walton and I went down behind the haystack at Judy's birthday party. That was fun. We tried it so many ways. With my lipstick smudged .I also loved watching Judy receiving her presents and Jesse throwing up. They all just made me crack up.


IAmAModBot t1_iwmottj wrote

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dicklaurent97 t1_iwohjf9 wrote

How is it finding producers for your projects?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwopaxm wrote

Heya. I usually am always one of the producers on my projects as I like to keep some control. I find finding good producers isn't easy and you must be careful about signing your project over to a bad producer. I've seen so many cases of people who have done that. They get a producer who is incapable of getting the film off the ground but the writer/director has signed away their rights and is helpless to do anything.


dicklaurent97 t1_iwoqf5y wrote

Thank you for the response!


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwotsgg wrote

You're welcome. Happy to give advice especially if it stops people making mistakes I made. Lol


DwedPiwateWoberts t1_iwoi1xx wrote

Would you say the urge to “make something” drives you, or is it when you’ve come up with/discovered a good story that you are compelled to get the ball rolling on a production (of your own)?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwop43k wrote

Great question. I have to say it's both. I always need to be working on something and will always be looking for something but sometimes there's that idea that just drives you. Like Introducing Jodea did. It was my bad experiences in the movie biz that I had to make into a comedy. Hope that answers your question and I Love your Reddit name by the way.


palbuddy1234 t1_iwot3p3 wrote

What do you remember from Zimbabwe? I've been there many times, beautiful country but disappointing as things get more difficult year by year. My wife is a huge Nando's fan and we try to import Braii spices whenever we can. I had no idea you were from there, until I checked IMDB.


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwotpfr wrote

Oh wow. Thank you so much for asking this. I remember everything. I lived there till I left school so all my childhood memories are there. Yes I used to also love Nandos. I miss the country a lot especially the people. The weather in the rainy season was always amazing with some incredible storms. So much that I miss and love. Kariba, The Vumba Mountains. Not to mention all my friends


IHASAFACE t1_iwqfdv2 wrote

Did you write that note in reverse letters so that when you took a picture it came out correctly?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwr0emi wrote

Ha ha ha. Actually I wrote it with marker then turned it over and traced it.


CardiologistSmart421 t1_iwr1e40 wrote

Hey Chloe! Glad to have you back for another round of AMA! <3 It's lots of fun to pick your brains! I have a couple of questions this time but will start out with a light one. You've probably already been asked this but what is Adam Devine like in person? I've read that he is a crack up and a (ahem) gem of human, is it true? I adore that funny little man.

- Ruby


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwr47et wrote

Aww I adore him too but alas I've never worked with him..... yet..... He's one of my favorites. Adorable little brother - so funny.


CardiologistSmart421 t1_iwr6z5r wrote

I really hope you get the chance! He seems like a lovely person and I bet he's tons of fun to work with. I love his work!


CardiologistSmart421 t1_iws0jbj wrote

Hi again Chloe,

I have a Jodea question this time. You clearly wear a lot of hats as an independent filmmaker. Writer, Actor, Marketer, Producer, etc, etc, etc. What is your favorite part to do? and least favorite part? Follow up Q: All that work must be exhausting; how do you do it?


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iws3lpf wrote

Heya. Thanks for the question. I truly love acting and I truly love writing. The rest.... I do because I have to. Producing wise I do so I have ownership of my projects but it's not my most favorite thing - far from it in fact. The same with marketing. I could happily do without both of those. As for how I do it? When I look back on the Jodea shoot I really don't know. We had our production manager and production designer pull out 3 days before we shot. Jon the director and myself had to do everything. I was coming home from 12 - 14 hour shoot days and instead of preparing my lines and getting enough sleep I was sorting out production design for the next day, seeing if we had enough extras etc. So looking back I have to say I have no idea how I did it. But we pulled through. Being on the set of Gemstones was pure bliss as I didn't have to worry about anything except my performance. I mean there was even someone waiting for me if I wanted to carry my shoes. I was like " It's ok I can carry them " and she was like " No you mustn't carry anything" I was not used to that.


CardiologistSmart421 t1_iwvvzkp wrote

Thanks for the awesome response. I agree with not caring for marketing and the like, def not my bag either! The fact that you got the film done and everything else just confirms to me that you are a total badass! I agree that having someone carry my shoes for me would be very odd. I went to a fancy restaurant once and the waiter cracked my pepper for me, I was very uncomfortable.

Ruby <3


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwvwsar wrote

Aww thanks Ruby. You're lovely. Yes I'm definitely more comfortable doing things myself... Lol


King-of-Vaginas t1_iwwzmcd wrote

What software do you use for post-production and cutting process?


image__uploaded t1_iwoxa6n wrote

Who are you and what is this show? Never heard of it


GloriaFreeman OP t1_iwr0ce7 wrote

Then find another AMA to join. Don't waste my and everyone else's time with comments like this.