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dangerWW t1_iww6uml wrote

My sister has a genetic condition and is worried about getting pregnant and passing it to her child. Is there any fertility treatment that can help her?


DrJosephDavisDO OP t1_iww883w wrote

Hi u/dangerWW,

I am sorry to hear about your sister's situation. The best advances in fertility treatments have been in the field of pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). Using IVF, embryos can be tested safely for specific genetic conditions and then the unaffected embryos can be selected to have a baby without the condition. This is something many clinics including my own specialize in. Looking at my own clinic's data, we have a >85% pregnancy rate using PGT, so this is a very successful option to consider.


sqic80 t1_iwx1ypn wrote

What’s your live birth rate? In the end, that the most important number.


DrJosephDavisDO OP t1_iwxn3z0 wrote

Hi @sqic80,

Yes live birth rate is very important. With single euploid embryo transfers our current live birth rate averages 74% over the year.