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SongBird2007 t1_iwwbphe wrote

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support in doing this AMA. It is greatly appreciated!

I’ve been to many doctors about plenty of my fertility issues. I didn’t go initially because—what woman wouldn’t want less periods (and pain monthly). Not until I got older I started to understand the negative sides of that. Is there any way to narrow down if my disorders are causing each other or they’re unrelated and just stack?

Diagnosis: PCOS, Low thyroid function, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, and whatever I can’t think of.

It’s like every year the doctor just tacks on something else I have that’s still causing me to have fertility issues….


DrJosephDavisDO OP t1_iwwdj4c wrote

Hi u/SongBird2007

I am sorry to hear about your situation. Many medical conditions can have an impact on fertility, and it is often hard to find a balance. PCOS and insulin resistance are both very commonly linked to fertility problems. You ideally want to make sure you are working with a doctor you feel is addressing your needs in a supportive and productive way. Also be sure you are taking time for yourself!