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strawberrywine5880 t1_iwwjtdl wrote

What are your thoughts on genetic testing of embryos?


DrJosephDavisDO OP t1_iwxqi3s wrote

Hi @strawberrywine5880,

Many of my patients choose to do genetic testing if embryos (PGT) for several reasons. For patients over 37, the odds of an embryo being genetically abnormal exceeds the odds of a normal embryo and this can mean lower pregnancy rates and a higher miscarriage rate. For others who are younger, especially those with PCOS or unexplained sub fertility, they often have a large number of embryos and use PGT as a tool to identify the chromosomally optimal ones.

Like all tests though, PGT is not 100% accurate. This can mean “normal” embryos may be discarded if the test inaccurately shows they don’t have the right number of chromosomes. There is also additional cost to PGT which is a factor.

Many patients I’ve spoken to have balanced the cost of PGT ($2000 in my practice) with the cost of a failed frozen embryo transfer (also $2000) and given the higher pregnancy rate and lower miscarriage rate with PGT tested embryos have stated they feel the cost is worth the benefit.