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j0mbie t1_j2xa39i wrote

It's also partially a hold-out from older tech cell phones that definitely used to interfere. I used to have a cell phone around 2005 that if placed anywhere near a speaker that was powered up but not transmitting audio, would cause noticable interference any time there was a phone call coming in. I could tell my phone was about to ring about 1 full second before it actually rung. I've been told that pilots around that time were having similar issues, but it seems like that's not the case anymore.


[deleted] t1_j2xl5jg wrote

Phones interfering with speakers is irrelevant to the topic at hand


j0mbie t1_j2yg2no wrote

My point is that the phones would interfere with the speakers used for the pilots' radios. I'm not sure if it was the speakers themselves, the radio part, or just because all of that was more sensitive, but I know that pilots were complaining about it.


VertexBV t1_j2xd5gs wrote

I remember the dirka-dirka speakers would make when your phone was nearby.


Redebo t1_j2y5i5x wrote

Mine sounded a bit more like dinkin flicka, but that could be because i grew up in an apartment.


Noghlin t1_j2y1rsc wrote

I still sometimes get that sound in my headset from cellphones. It's not a big problem though, just an inconvenience.