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glockymcglockface t1_j2xm9hk wrote

They are cheap, reliable, and easy to install. Especially when you are talking about a 40+ year aircraft


WyldGoat t1_j2y5cl8 wrote

Which is surprising, still. Modern military aircrafts will have their GPS loaded with crypto to not be spoofed/jammed.

Seems like a missed opportunity from Ukraine if that's the case.

"Bomb this location!!" "Da!"

Bombs own troops


deepaksn t1_j2yu6mx wrote

Uh.. this isn’t how GPS works.

The signals from the satellites are the same regardless of the receiver. The only thing that was different was selective availability where civilians got a less accurate signal but even this has been removed.


WyldGoat t1_j310alz wrote

Yes, but to my knowledge you could potentially spoof a receiver (not the satellites) to think it's somewhere else.

That's why they use crypto.

Kinda like jamming with a stronger signal, but with a valid one saying you're not where you are.