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mojopyro t1_j2xtqoz wrote

Are avionics and aviation electronics different in Canada? Seems odd to add that to your job description. I'm an AME (Aviation Mechanic, Egress) but I don't say I'm an AMERICAN AME. Asking for a friend


Mikeyme1998 OP t1_j2zn7s4 wrote

I'm sorry to say I don't fully understand the question. To answer the first part, avionics is aviation electronics. In fact I think some of the schools that teach it are changing the title to "aviation electronics" to clear it up with potential students.


mojopyro t1_j31tpmr wrote

I'm an aircraft mechanic. I know what avionics and aviation electronics are. I was being facetious about you qualifying your job description as a "CANADIAN" avionics tech.


Mikeyme1998 OP t1_j31vjpw wrote

Ohhhh ok, that makes sense. I figured I'd mention my nationality just because it's a completely seperate classification and license process as compared to M classifications here, so I felt it was important to avoid confusion