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Mikeyme1998 OP t1_j2zv2cl wrote

I tried taking the panel off but I stripped out the 3 screws that aren't broken and then I got a papercut so I'm going home early


nwpsilencer t1_j2zy7re wrote

Typical avionics, always finding some reason to go home when the hangar door is open for 20m before the plane gets towed out.


Mikeyme1998 OP t1_j2zz0lr wrote

I guess being opportunistic is something they taught in the SECOND year of school....


nwpsilencer t1_j2zzu65 wrote

Me bang rivet with metal, me no need even 1 year


Mikeyme1998 OP t1_j300c9z wrote

Just make sure you wait until my ear is pressed to the airframe and you don't give me any warning k

Seems to be your guy's thing


nwpsilencer t1_j3038rg wrote

It's our friendly way of reminding you that you're not wearing any ear protection. You can thank us later