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Cimexus t1_j2zw1dr wrote

Ah ok. I was particularly thinking of aircraft like the Diamond DA40NG, which as far as I can see from the Diamond price list, comes with a G1000 NXi as standard and is in the $600k range.

I’m just a simmer though, not a real pilot … was just curious as to how much of the cost of new planes lies in the avionics.


Mikeyme1998 OP t1_j2zy6hj wrote

Ohhhh yeah, I see where the confusion lies! With something like the DA40NG, you're saving money on no MFD, probably only one pitot static system (so only one ADC), one GEA71 for engine parameters, possibly only one transponder that might not be diversity, no weather radar, etc. The G1000NXi is kind of like the base platform that can accommodate a number of different systems, and a full quote like half a million is something an airliner would get.