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certainguy t1_j7grcuq wrote

Not being snarky, genuinely curious what gives you credibility to be a coach in this space?

What are the challenges in your current relationship and how are you resolving them?


mnocket t1_j7gs5it wrote

That was also my immediate response. Anyone can call themselves a Relationship Coach... just like a Life Coach.


TrialAndAaron t1_j7gs5pg wrote

Interested in this

Also do you call yourself a coach so you have no ethical obligation to any licensing board like various types of therapists would?


MJTony t1_j7gsh8l wrote

Agree. Credentials? Education?


fjingpanda t1_j7gudv4 wrote

Post was already removed, but I do hope we get an answer to this eventually. OP posted a link to a tik toc account clamining to be Dr. M. Hemphill, but there dont seem to be any doctors by that name that practice therapy.


north7 t1_j7gxi7q wrote

Anyone who claims to be a "Coach", outside sports, immediately raises red flags for me.
Anyone can call themselves a "life coach" or "relationship coach" with absolutely zero credentials or education, and the credentials out there are largely unregulated, or self-regulated (more red flags).


GDJT t1_j7gr4id wrote

As a Relationship Coach, how often do you see couples and tell them they are toxic as fuck for each other and need to separate asap?


artemonster t1_j7grry2 wrote

As long as you can milk them for money, whats the problem, amiright?


GDJT t1_j7grj5g wrote

Bonus question: how often do you see a couple and go "'s like 95% that one's fault"?


Still_Opinion_550 t1_j7grroj wrote

How do you initiate sex after you’ve become best friends (too comfortable) with your partner?


NateDiedAgain09 t1_j7gs52r wrote

Dating is easily one of the most personal and subjective activities we can participate in, how do you as a dating coach measure your impact through your work and objectively determine if your advice makes positive/negative impacts on those who seek you out?


matthewmcorry t1_j7gsrw3 wrote

I think it's probably very common that people experience apprehension regarding 'what if someone out there is better for me?'...

Is this common'? Do you have any advice for dealing with it, or sorting out whether it's a genuine feeling based in the relationship or just a habitual/conditioned fear?


[deleted] OP t1_j7gswy5 wrote



I_Cut_Shoes t1_j7h79sd wrote

He's using it as an excuse. I have really bad adhd and boundaries aren't hard to keep track of, laundry is.


elmatador12 t1_j7gt3h3 wrote

What’s the difference between couples therapy and couples coaching?


suddentlyduckies t1_j7gt6ev wrote

Not to be a stinker but a link to a TikTok as proof that OP is a qualified professional is extremely shady. Kind of a shame for people hoping to get real insight into such a complex side of life.


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t4m4 t1_j7gtf9m wrote

What are the must common problems that you've seen?


ConstantlyLearning57 t1_j7gtjog wrote

Solutions to relationship tension when 1 person’s a yeller and the other isn’t?


darklyger64 t1_j7gu0jc wrote

In marriage, what is the best way in handling finances, assuming both are working but one earns way more than the other.

In this scenario, can I add a step child and a recently born child? How to juggle the dynamic of a teenager and a newborn and what is the best way to keep them close even though they are over a decade apart.


ilovemybrownies t1_j7gu412 wrote

Is it okay to not be physically attracted to your partner? Especially if everything else is going well in the relationship?


cattybanter t1_j7gs175 wrote

How do you overcome the fear of getting into a relationship. Are there reasons why one would be wary of relationships?


ElephunkMescudi t1_j7gs7zp wrote

What advice would you give to a couple in a long distance relationship?


freeapple01 t1_j7gskdo wrote

Any tips on how to find a good relationship coach? Any hints/tips what to look out for when looking for a reliable and professional relationship coach?


Helpme_1992 t1_j7gsmoq wrote

What are the most important things in a relationship and how does this answer differ if you are a female or male if different at all?


mleibowitz97 t1_j7gsqun wrote

What do you think of the internet's impact on dating? Do you think it contributes to a sort of paradox of choice? Where people obsess over tiny details and it becomes harder to pick someone because of the sea of choices?


artemonster t1_j7grnie wrote

Is this a frustrating job? Most conflicts and problems stem from the fact that one (or both) partners are either inentional morons or literal toddlers in their behaviour. Trying fixing that, I imagine, is a nightmare