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Im_Jooms t1_j7kzoxp wrote

Hey, thanks for doing this.

More of a general startup question. I think one of the big things stopping more people from leaving salary and trying to go off on their own is just how stable salary seems.

How did you financially prepare to go out on your own? Did you all set aside months of savings before taking the plunge? Did you have something else that paid the bills?

Thanks for doing this AMA and I'm looking forward to your answer. :)


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l39cf wrote

I actually planned this before I quit my job completely. As mentioned, I have started to open stores selling backpacks of major brands in the world. When the income from there was enough for me to prepare for my project, I started switching to part-time work and gradually full-time before my office officially opened.


Im_Jooms t1_j7l4uph wrote

So it wasn't a huge switch for you and you eased into it. Makes sense.

Thanks for the reply!


MrSnowden t1_j7l8rr9 wrote

(Unsubstantiated accusation deleted)


SpaceElevatorMusic t1_j7lcd8v wrote

Unless OP created an account 9 years ago and seeded it with a post history in California-related subreddits (which seems unlikely) it's not an alt.


Im_Jooms t1_j7lcwmn wrote

Not everything is a conspiracy bro.

Nor is everyone as interested in tearing down an AMA.