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No, most American schools do not


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> You're right I'm just making it up.

I mean I don’t know if you’re making it up, I just know that you’re wrong. Also this is a very funny overreaction to what I said.


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> I'm trying to get an answer to a question and you want to interupt it with your personal opinion.

You didn’t ask a question, and I didn’t state an opinion.

>I called my kids school and told them some guy on reddit said we don't need clear backpacks, so I'm not going to buy one. Thanks for the help. Problem solved.

I didn’t say your kids school didn’t require a clear backpack lol. Maybe if you’d understood what I said you wouldn’t have gotten yourself so worked up?


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> "is this offered in clear" is a question.

I don’t see where you said that. Also, where did I state my personal opinion?


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> Lol, so you didn't even read my question.

I read your comment, there was no question in it. Did you read mine? I’m wondering where the personal opinion is.

>Good luck to you.

Thanks buddy!