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BowzersMom t1_j7l2s8h wrote

Wow. The backpack market was really missing a $110 child’s bag so badly you had to quit your job to make one? What exactly makes this special and superior in a way that no other manufacturer compares? Lmao


Fayetnamm t1_j7lerkh wrote

LoL, same thing I was thinking. Go to the Goodwill and find a $5 Jansport. Problem solved.


RoosterBrewster t1_j7ll807 wrote

I just imagine this on Shark Tank:

Kevin O'Leary: What's stopping me from going to China and producing these for $5 each in one month and destroy you?

Robert: My kids don't care about optimized backpacks or long-lasting ones. They just like whatever is trendy like themed backpacks.

Damon: For $110, I would just get some Gucci ones.


olderaccount t1_j7ll9gk wrote

Not to mention it is a tiny backpack. That is how they solved the problem of backpacks being heavy.

Want to bring your lunchbox or water bottle along? Don't worry, they will sell you matching accessories for those. Now you have something just as heavy as what they were replacing wit hshit dangling from all sides for the low, low price of $200.


HugeBrainsOnly t1_j7lko7l wrote

The OP should have just skipped all the manufacturing and design BS. If he wants to get the bag (of money), just make throwaways and say your parents are poor on TIFU until it goes viral.