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digitalpencil t1_j7l8w9a wrote

tf are people mass downvoting this guy?

He clearly speaks English as a second language (quite well i might add). He's got a passion project he's trying to kickstart which is designing backpacks for kids, and yes this post is an ad for it. It's really clearly an ad. He's linked directly to the kickstarter. He's not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, this is an ad for his backpack.

I agree, it's overpriced but i'm guessing the economies of scale that larger competitors have to play with, don't apply here.

If you don't like the post, downvote it and move on, but mass downvoting this guys every comment because he had the audacity to make a kid's backpack when Jansport already exist, is bewilderingly shitty behaviour.


llDemonll t1_j7lbhnt wrote

IAmA is meant to be interesting. If people are downvoting then clearly they're not interested in someone shilling their product and advertising here.


mrhelio t1_j7laufg wrote

I think "big backpack" is paying for bots to down vote the guy.


shakestheclown t1_j7lhui6 wrote

There's almost zero content here. The responses could have been written by AI and been more interesting. It's just ad copy.


shakestheclown t1_j7lmgz6 wrote

Actually, let's see how it does. Asked ChatGPT to make a more interesting comment based on the AMA title:

"Hey Reddit community! I'm so excited to be here sharing my story with all of you. 3 years ago, I took a leap of faith and quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for backpack design. The journey was not without its challenges, as I faced a personal tragedy that changed my life forever. I lost my spouse, and it was a difficult time for me and my children.

But through it all, I never lost my determination to make my children's lives as easy and comfortable as possible. And that's what led me to pursue my passion for backpack design. I wanted to create a backpack that was not only functional and durable, but also a source of comfort for kids.

And after a lot of hard work and dedication, I'm proud to say that our first ever backpack for kids is finally here!

As a backpack designer, I understand the importance of functionality, durability, and style in a backpack, especially for kids. That's why we put so much effort into designing the perfect backpack for kids. Our backpack features adjustable straps, multiple compartments for organization, and a comfortable and breathable back panel.

I would love to hear your thoughts on our backpack and answer any questions you may have about my journey, including the personal hardship I faced and how it influenced my passion for making a better backpack for kids. AMA!"


mrhelio t1_j7lx8c4 wrote

It's really amazing how good chatgpt is at this stuff.

What exactly was your prompt to the AI?


shakestheclown t1_j7lxvq5 wrote

can you write me an exciting and engaging comment to engage users on my reddit "ask me anything" post regarding "I quit my salary management job in Online Industry to pursue my passion for backpack design and we finally succeeded with our first ever backpack for kids after 3 years of working. AMA!"

--- writes a comment from viewer perspective ---

can you write the comment from the perspective of the creator of the backpack trying to share interesting and engaging information with potential customers on reddit

--- response, kind of boring ---

can you include a sob story of a hardship overcome

--- generic "I faced many challenges and obstacles" response

can you give more details about the hardship, make it a death of a spouse and how it created passion for making my children's lives as easy as possible with a new backpack

--- response above ---


mrhelio t1_j7m0lj6 wrote

I really like that it takes skill to prompt the AI to write what you want.

In many circumstances it's probably easier or faster, to just create what your looking for on your own.

I know a lot of people are very concerned about this tech being used by students at schools etc. But what I think most people are missing is that getting an acceptable response out of the AI requires a decent amount of problem solving: Learning is happening, it might not be what the teachers are aiming for, but it's still learning.

It reminds me of coming up with an elaborate way of cheating on a test, which required more work than just studying. Either way the test taker was being challenged mentally, the "cheater" just took a different path to solve the problem of passing the test.


shakestheclown t1_j7m5uah wrote

Overall I agree, there's going to be a lot of fear that turns out to be overblown and in the end most things will adjust like with everyone having a calculator, cell phone, internet, etc. And it's still going to be obvious who took shortcuts through everything.

Really where I find the time savings is that it eliminates paralysis by analysis which is a big time waster for me. Let's say I need an article for my business for ten benefits of social media automation. The largest time investment for me is deciding on my ten points. Instead I can ask chatgpt, tweak the response, tell it to replace a couple I don't like, add some fluff, edits, and references and be done in 30 min instead of 2 hours trying to parse my thoughts and options.

Also midjourney and DALL-E are very exciting for vastly reducing stock photo needs.


Ez13zie t1_j7lshai wrote

I see OP sprang for a gold award for you! Classy move! Nobody will ever suspect!


HolieMacaroni t1_j7l9q89 wrote

for real. I up voted the guy. People love to hate different / poor.


Kiruvi t1_j7lams3 wrote

I think people hate a really obvious ad for a wildly overpriced backpack


RegulatoryCapture t1_j7lcy8r wrote

Yeah. Maybe come do the AMA after you've shipped your backpacks and you have a huge following of parents/kids who love your product.

Then people will be interested in "how'd you do that"....this is just an ad. Ads get downvoted.


WorldlyCupcake5345 t1_j7lh6uq wrote

Yes, this is basically a really niche product. I know there are expensive backpacks out there, but this is almost like Gucci for kids (I know, I am exaggerating, but it makes little sense). One can applaud their efforts at making it a go of it, but the pricing doesn't match market reality. This is like trying to be the Apple of kids' backpacks and even then...I am going to ask how many of you are parents here and how many would pay $110 for their kids' backpacks?


feeltheglee t1_j7ln3lc wrote

You can get kids' backpacks from Osprey for $40, currently on sale for $23, and they will repair or replace any backpack they've ever produced. They make more expensive ($100), more technical ones (hip belt with side pockets) as well, but I don't think you need that in a school bag.

Before I sound like an Osprey shill, there are plenty of other technical backpack companies (North Face, REI's in-house brand, Gregory, etc.) that make kids' packs as well, most with an offering in the $35-45 range.


Kiruvi t1_j7llhvz wrote

That backpack is getting slugs, boogers, and loose PB&J crammed into it; I'm not buying anything fancier than a basic Jansport.


mixedliquor t1_j7le4pc wrote

I don’t think people are hating “poor” in this thread.


HolieMacaroni t1_j7lfg76 wrote

True, I guess I should have added more context to my last sentence. it was more in realtion to life in general.

> People love to hate different / poor.