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Kiruvi t1_j7lams3 wrote


RegulatoryCapture t1_j7lcy8r wrote

Yeah. Maybe come do the AMA after you've shipped your backpacks and you have a huge following of parents/kids who love your product.

Then people will be interested in "how'd you do that"....this is just an ad. Ads get downvoted.


WorldlyCupcake5345 t1_j7lh6uq wrote

Yes, this is basically a really niche product. I know there are expensive backpacks out there, but this is almost like Gucci for kids (I know, I am exaggerating, but it makes little sense). One can applaud their efforts at making it a go of it, but the pricing doesn't match market reality. This is like trying to be the Apple of kids' backpacks and even then...I am going to ask how many of you are parents here and how many would pay $110 for their kids' backpacks?


feeltheglee t1_j7ln3lc wrote

You can get kids' backpacks from Osprey for $40, currently on sale for $23, and they will repair or replace any backpack they've ever produced. They make more expensive ($100), more technical ones (hip belt with side pockets) as well, but I don't think you need that in a school bag.

Before I sound like an Osprey shill, there are plenty of other technical backpack companies (North Face, REI's in-house brand, Gregory, etc.) that make kids' packs as well, most with an offering in the $35-45 range.


Kiruvi t1_j7llhvz wrote

That backpack is getting slugs, boogers, and loose PB&J crammed into it; I'm not buying anything fancier than a basic Jansport.