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azninvasion2000 t1_j7lhngt wrote

While I admire the drive you have for creating a great backpack, IMO unfortunately you're a bit late for this, at least in my area.

Kids these days in the NYC and tri state area only carry around paper/pencil if they are into analog art, and that is dying out too. All they really need is a laptop, power supply, and lunch.

It really doesn't matter if their backpack can stand upright, or has all those compartments or fancy straps. A $60 fjallraven kanken backpack is lightweight, waterproof, ergonomic, and can hold a laptop, power supply, and food.

In any case I hope I'm wrong and wish you success.


iRAPErapists t1_j7ll244 wrote

Not to mention those backpacks have a better warranty and look nicer


azninvasion2000 t1_j7lt7hf wrote

I've had mine for about a decade, and although the color has faded, it still works perfectly.

I also like how if you go for a hike and it gets dirty you can just throw it in the wash.

Also it completely flattens when empty so when you are on a train you don't need to take it off and can sink right back into the seat.

Maybe I'm the wrong demographic for the type of backpack this guy is advertising, but even if gifted one, it would never ever get used, and would be hard to give away.

I think the only real thing going is the fashion and customizable bit to show off to friends, but around here, pulling a M2 Max out of the bag kinda fills that role.


iRAPErapists t1_j7m9zbk wrote

This guy stated the market is utterly lacking in backpacks for kids that can accommodate all their needs. Seems.. He's wronnnggggg?