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olderaccount t1_j7lklak wrote

How do you define success?

Until you have sales, how do you know if your design is a success or not?

I have a hard time accepting that a $140 backpack for little kids will succeed. Maybe with the right endorsement from trendy influencers you might get a few of the Lululemon crowd to drop the kind of cash on a kids backpack. The mainstream market could never support that price point.


hoangmanager OP t1_j7o64p8 wrote

Actually, before I decided to launch a global version of our backpack, we produced the local version and sold it to local customers and got good feedback from them. I know this product won't be for the masses, but there are parents who are willing to spend this amount of money to get their kids a good product. A great stepping stone makes me more believe that global customers will welcome our product too.