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4rch t1_j7mb1oh wrote

It's comments that I'm seeing in this thread that have made me realize this isn't the same reddit I came to when Digg 4.0 came out.

There's giving feedback, and then there's being an asshole. Many people have quit their jobs to do something that other people don't value. Who gives a fuck if it's for a backpack.

Old reddit would have provided feedback and the assholes would have been downvoted, but you all have become so jaded that none of you can even take a moment for some empathy and understand why this person is doing it.

My backpack as a kid weighed 20 pounds, that shit has real impacts on children for years to come, so fuck OP for wanting to create something that is designed for kids when other brands have essentially just taken an adult backpack and turned it into a miniature version?

OP, I'm sorry that people here who downvoted you are the same people upvoting AMAs by billionaires and other "fan favorites" that I've seen over the years (Bill Nye).

So on behalf of OP, I want to give everyone a kind gesture and let them all know that even though they might not care about backpacks, responses like this create a chilling effect for small operations who want to do an AMA.

The top comment is "get a marketing department" for Christ's sake! You all are complaining about reddit becoming corporate but in the same breath give a noncorporate OP shit for not having the bland decorum of a corporate PR department!

There are real people behind each of our posts and I'm ashamed of each and every one of you. There's karma to get upvotes, then there's the bullshit I'm witnessing today.

For anyone who disagrees with my sentiment, my only request is that you downvote me to a point where my comment karma reaches 0, because the people who used to upvote posts aren't the same one upvoting shit now and I do not want to be associated with the pervasive negativity that reddit has become in recent times.