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rawrr_monster t1_j7kz97n wrote

Is this just an ad? These backpacks have a 1 year warranty compared to the lifetime warranty of a Jansport. Price is pretty excessive as well for something manufactured in Vietnam.


[deleted] t1_j7kzwvl wrote



TehNoff t1_j7l1v7o wrote

I miss the old AMA


mixedliquor t1_j7lds1e wrote

I miss Victoria. AMA died the day she was let go.


shakestheclown t1_j7lhjgg wrote

Haven't cared about a single one since. Went from 5% trash to 95% trash.


ksgif2 t1_j7l3ofg wrote

Not true, I did one about how I got poisoned by chicken that was left out too long.


spityy t1_j7l0ls7 wrote

If you are interested in high quality backpacks for kids and sports I can recommend Camelbak made in Germany. They are pricey tho but they last very long, at least mine does, I don't even remember when I got mine. Must be like 14 years ago when I got my motorbike driver's license.


olderaccount t1_j7lksay wrote

My Jansport is 20+ years old, still in great condition and cost a lot less than Camelbak branded ones.


city_of_apples t1_j7l9qpv wrote

Yes, but his background is in Online Industry, so it makes sense.


muuus t1_j7l9uwo wrote

This whole sub is mostly ads.


hyper12 t1_j7lfv7h wrote

Definitely, this showed up on my front page with 0 up votes and no comments.


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l1gyx wrote

Thanks for the question. We always wanted to create a versatile product for kids, with a modular, lightweight and ergonomic design. Jansport does not have any ergonomic products to my knowledge. We are a new brand, we try our best to one day be as big as jansport and provide more value to our users.


230flathead t1_j7l4egr wrote

So.... It is an ad?


damuumad t1_j7la87u wrote

He answered the question with another ad. Epic


Mooseylips t1_j7m2k38 wrote

Oh God this poor guy. I for one wish you good luck but if you want to succeed as a niche small business, you better ditch that salesman routine and next time talk about how this started off as a hobby and how you got into it or something relatable. Nobody expects a small business to compete with bigger business- people will only buy local if they like the person who's pitching.


juantxorena t1_j7l21vw wrote

Is your passion really backpack design? That's oddly specific.


SaintPoost t1_j7l4xvs wrote

Nobody's passion is backpack design lol

Edit: okay, some of you Like backpacks and seek out good ones, but nobody's PASSION is backpack design. You're passionate about your partner, your family, your biggest hobbies (some of which I'll admit involve backpacks), etc., but that's not to be confused with finding beauty and functionality in a design.


mrescape t1_j7l6iui wrote

There were a few weeks where I was interested in backpacks and I watched a lot of Packhacker videos. There is definitely a niche for backpack design! Fortunately I made it through that phase.


RetroRocket t1_j7lg2al wrote

It is absolutely a phase that lasts until you've bought a backpack that fits your needs.


AllthisSandInMyCrack t1_j7ljy5u wrote

Come visit those of us who are bag enthusiasts at /r/manybaggers .

I’ve got a collection of about 50 bags at the moment…


m0rgster t1_j7lzfo0 wrote

These are my people. Thank you for sharing this. I have to post my backpack storage system.


cats_are_the_devil t1_j7lhwcn wrote

He in fact did not quit his corporate job because this has corporate written all over it. Who quits their job to R&D kids backpacks?


AllthisSandInMyCrack t1_j7ljq9g wrote

Mmmm, it’s actually is a passion of mine.

I’ve always liked bags and been playing with different bag designs especially backpacks.

Come to /r/manybaggers for folks who like bags.


7eregrine t1_j7ljpcx wrote

It all started when I couldn't find a backpack for my kid. Where were you looking for backpacks?


RegulatoryCapture t1_j7lcntf wrote

to be fair, that's not weird. Backpacks are fucking lit.

But most people with a passion for backpack design are typically more interested in technical outdoor gear or EDC, not designing an overly engineered child's backpack ( any kid really going to use all of those separate organizer pouches? really? nah, they are just going to cram shit in the bag).


Rockwell_Bonerstorm t1_j7ly6eb wrote

What is the best type of bag to carry an FDA in your opinion and could it also be used for an FCC or would that require something more specific?


PlaySomeKickPunch t1_j7lktpc wrote

The post title comes across as one of those weird LinkedIn posts that everyone knows is bullshit.


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l5iey wrote

Well, actually, before I opened a backpack store or designed my own, I had a collection of backpack brands from around the world. I really love the innovative designs and great experience that these products bring.


drake90001 t1_j7lauk6 wrote

Hey dude, just so you know, no one’s believing you. The post comes across as disingenuous.


roguepawn t1_j7l7l79 wrote

I was similarly fascinated when I saw my Army rucksack (circa 2007) for the first time. Comparing the weight distribution design of it vs the backpacking frames I had in Boy Scouts was very cool.

I could definitely see this being an intriguing field.


cheridontllosethatno t1_j7lh2b1 wrote

I hear you. I've had a unique design for a bag in my head for years. Congratulations that it happened for you!


BowzersMom t1_j7l2s8h wrote

Wow. The backpack market was really missing a $110 child’s bag so badly you had to quit your job to make one? What exactly makes this special and superior in a way that no other manufacturer compares? Lmao


Fayetnamm t1_j7lerkh wrote

LoL, same thing I was thinking. Go to the Goodwill and find a $5 Jansport. Problem solved.


RoosterBrewster t1_j7ll807 wrote

I just imagine this on Shark Tank:

Kevin O'Leary: What's stopping me from going to China and producing these for $5 each in one month and destroy you?

Robert: My kids don't care about optimized backpacks or long-lasting ones. They just like whatever is trendy like themed backpacks.

Damon: For $110, I would just get some Gucci ones.


olderaccount t1_j7ll9gk wrote

Not to mention it is a tiny backpack. That is how they solved the problem of backpacks being heavy.

Want to bring your lunchbox or water bottle along? Don't worry, they will sell you matching accessories for those. Now you have something just as heavy as what they were replacing wit hshit dangling from all sides for the low, low price of $200.


HugeBrainsOnly t1_j7lko7l wrote

The OP should have just skipped all the manufacturing and design BS. If he wants to get the bag (of money), just make throwaways and say your parents are poor on TIFU until it goes viral.


bx8 t1_j7l1gun wrote

If you're fully funded, why are you still pushing the kickstarter on your website?


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l4q59 wrote

Oh, this is my latest project just launched couple days ago. It is a versatile bag that can be combined with the backpack that I designed earlier.


BowzersMom t1_j7llwi6 wrote

Undoing the whole “small and lightweight” draw….


pres82 t1_j7l7nc3 wrote

Is this AMA going the way you hoped it would?


EyeLike2Watch t1_j7lg4jz wrote

Dude needs a marketing department


PFunk224 t1_j7lkln2 wrote

That's the funniest part- he is the marketing department.


flappytowel t1_j7l0vf7 wrote

With a backpack this expensive ($110 USD), I expect it to be fully bulletproof, be able to connect to my smart fridge, and include a full buffet lunch every school day.

Is this included?


WorldlyCupcake5345 t1_j7l1mri wrote

Yeah, I have 2 kids in school (Canada), and I won't go above $40-$50 US for backpack, not worth it. I also saw someone mention the lack of lifetime warranty.


Maleficent-Number-10 t1_j7lgokx wrote

God I think even 50$ is steep.

It’s a damn bag and not for my wife


WorldlyCupcake5345 t1_j7li897 wrote

I know, that's basically buying an adult backpack that's a bit more functional than one marketed for kids at $50 (US). I have done it but I would have to think very hard about anything beyond that.


MeesterMeeseeks t1_j7lkxiu wrote

I bought a lightweight backpacking backpack with 25L capacity, a water bladder and drinking tube, and ergonomic back support for 120$ last winter. This dude is tripping.


kou_uraki t1_j7lfxzn wrote

$110 for something meant to last with lots of features is not excessive. A good bag for adults runs $200+. When is the last time you shopped outside of a WalMart?


pyrobuck t1_j7li032 wrote

Meant to last? Bro it's a young child's backpack, if they don't lose it they're going to outgrow it and need a larger one in a few years anyway


7eregrine t1_j7lkbmr wrote

My kid is 12. He's on his third backpack because he wanted a pokémon one. It was 25 dollars.


diffcalculus t1_j7mepol wrote

Did your child outgrow our Tinypak?

Fear not! Allow me to introduce the Mediumpak!


kou_uraki t1_j7lrq78 wrote

It's like kids are hard on stuff and people have multiple children to pass things on to. Buying 3-4 $30-$40 backpacks in the span of a few years is way less economical. Backpacks also adjust. It's not like they outgrow them at the age range the bags are intended for. Your arguments are unfounded and just uniformed. I guess you just want to be mad for no reason.


ksgif2 t1_j7l37w4 wrote

I recently purchased a backpack that's also a beer cooler so when I get to my destination I can dump my junk out in the hotel and take cold beer to the beach. I believe backpack perfection has already been achieved, what's left to be done?


jnads t1_j7l6lra wrote

A child version of that so my kid can take a beer to school


relativelyfunkadelic t1_j7lbqpp wrote

wow. pretty fucked up. let the kid crack one at the beach, not everything has to be about his schooling. let kids be kids.


Robert7301201 t1_j7ldaky wrote

School is hard. Let the kids have something to drown their sorrows.


230flathead t1_j7l4j1t wrote

$110 for a backpack? What are you smoking?


jnads t1_j7l6q9y wrote

$110 is for the husk of the backpack.

It's $180 if you actually want the things that give it organized compartments.


AllthisSandInMyCrack t1_j7lkdcu wrote

$100 for a bag is relatively cheap tbh but not a child’s bag though.

Check out peak design, wndrd and many other brands.


230flathead t1_j7mhql3 wrote

Nonsense. $100 for a backpack that isn't for some specialized purpose is ridiculous.


Worldly76 t1_j7lbrld wrote

I purchased multiple backpacks this year that cost over $300


jorgeargento t1_j7lga2h wrote

For children?


Worldly76 t1_j7ljyxh wrote



jorgeargento t1_j7lnln9 wrote

I think that’s what people are getting at with the pricing complaints - I would also happily spend a few hundred on a backpack for myself, but not for a kid.


Worldly76 t1_j7m1tem wrote

I feel like if I bought him a good 1000d or maybe even 500d cordura backpack it would last significantly longer that the cheap nylon ones I always used in school is all. I'm sure there's options that don't totally break the bank but idk maybe I'm a backpackaholic but $100 is like an entry level backpack for what I usually look for. I'm sure you could find a Korean cordura equivalent product manufactured in china for like $40-50 even. Vietnam idk as much about because I've only worked with ISO9001 backpack companies out of that country.


doogie88 t1_j7ln3l0 wrote

Redditor for 13 days comes to the rescue. What are the odds.


Worldly76 t1_j7m1l96 wrote

I've probably made hundreds of accounts that doesn't matter


the-es t1_j7l1r56 wrote

What is salary management? How does one get into that field?


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l3x4y wrote

Really sorry that the first time AMA made me a bit clumsy. I mean a management job with a stable salary.


digitalpencil t1_j7l8w9a wrote

tf are people mass downvoting this guy?

He clearly speaks English as a second language (quite well i might add). He's got a passion project he's trying to kickstart which is designing backpacks for kids, and yes this post is an ad for it. It's really clearly an ad. He's linked directly to the kickstarter. He's not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, this is an ad for his backpack.

I agree, it's overpriced but i'm guessing the economies of scale that larger competitors have to play with, don't apply here.

If you don't like the post, downvote it and move on, but mass downvoting this guys every comment because he had the audacity to make a kid's backpack when Jansport already exist, is bewilderingly shitty behaviour.


llDemonll t1_j7lbhnt wrote

IAmA is meant to be interesting. If people are downvoting then clearly they're not interested in someone shilling their product and advertising here.


mrhelio t1_j7laufg wrote

I think "big backpack" is paying for bots to down vote the guy.


shakestheclown t1_j7lhui6 wrote

There's almost zero content here. The responses could have been written by AI and been more interesting. It's just ad copy.


shakestheclown t1_j7lmgz6 wrote

Actually, let's see how it does. Asked ChatGPT to make a more interesting comment based on the AMA title:

"Hey Reddit community! I'm so excited to be here sharing my story with all of you. 3 years ago, I took a leap of faith and quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for backpack design. The journey was not without its challenges, as I faced a personal tragedy that changed my life forever. I lost my spouse, and it was a difficult time for me and my children.

But through it all, I never lost my determination to make my children's lives as easy and comfortable as possible. And that's what led me to pursue my passion for backpack design. I wanted to create a backpack that was not only functional and durable, but also a source of comfort for kids.

And after a lot of hard work and dedication, I'm proud to say that our first ever backpack for kids is finally here!

As a backpack designer, I understand the importance of functionality, durability, and style in a backpack, especially for kids. That's why we put so much effort into designing the perfect backpack for kids. Our backpack features adjustable straps, multiple compartments for organization, and a comfortable and breathable back panel.

I would love to hear your thoughts on our backpack and answer any questions you may have about my journey, including the personal hardship I faced and how it influenced my passion for making a better backpack for kids. AMA!"


mrhelio t1_j7lx8c4 wrote

It's really amazing how good chatgpt is at this stuff.

What exactly was your prompt to the AI?


shakestheclown t1_j7lxvq5 wrote

can you write me an exciting and engaging comment to engage users on my reddit "ask me anything" post regarding "I quit my salary management job in Online Industry to pursue my passion for backpack design and we finally succeeded with our first ever backpack for kids after 3 years of working. AMA!"

--- writes a comment from viewer perspective ---

can you write the comment from the perspective of the creator of the backpack trying to share interesting and engaging information with potential customers on reddit

--- response, kind of boring ---

can you include a sob story of a hardship overcome

--- generic "I faced many challenges and obstacles" response

can you give more details about the hardship, make it a death of a spouse and how it created passion for making my children's lives as easy as possible with a new backpack

--- response above ---


mrhelio t1_j7m0lj6 wrote

I really like that it takes skill to prompt the AI to write what you want.

In many circumstances it's probably easier or faster, to just create what your looking for on your own.

I know a lot of people are very concerned about this tech being used by students at schools etc. But what I think most people are missing is that getting an acceptable response out of the AI requires a decent amount of problem solving: Learning is happening, it might not be what the teachers are aiming for, but it's still learning.

It reminds me of coming up with an elaborate way of cheating on a test, which required more work than just studying. Either way the test taker was being challenged mentally, the "cheater" just took a different path to solve the problem of passing the test.


shakestheclown t1_j7m5uah wrote

Overall I agree, there's going to be a lot of fear that turns out to be overblown and in the end most things will adjust like with everyone having a calculator, cell phone, internet, etc. And it's still going to be obvious who took shortcuts through everything.

Really where I find the time savings is that it eliminates paralysis by analysis which is a big time waster for me. Let's say I need an article for my business for ten benefits of social media automation. The largest time investment for me is deciding on my ten points. Instead I can ask chatgpt, tweak the response, tell it to replace a couple I don't like, add some fluff, edits, and references and be done in 30 min instead of 2 hours trying to parse my thoughts and options.

Also midjourney and DALL-E are very exciting for vastly reducing stock photo needs.


Ez13zie t1_j7lshai wrote

I see OP sprang for a gold award for you! Classy move! Nobody will ever suspect!


HolieMacaroni t1_j7l9q89 wrote

for real. I up voted the guy. People love to hate different / poor.


Kiruvi t1_j7lams3 wrote

I think people hate a really obvious ad for a wildly overpriced backpack


RegulatoryCapture t1_j7lcy8r wrote

Yeah. Maybe come do the AMA after you've shipped your backpacks and you have a huge following of parents/kids who love your product.

Then people will be interested in "how'd you do that"....this is just an ad. Ads get downvoted.


WorldlyCupcake5345 t1_j7lh6uq wrote

Yes, this is basically a really niche product. I know there are expensive backpacks out there, but this is almost like Gucci for kids (I know, I am exaggerating, but it makes little sense). One can applaud their efforts at making it a go of it, but the pricing doesn't match market reality. This is like trying to be the Apple of kids' backpacks and even then...I am going to ask how many of you are parents here and how many would pay $110 for their kids' backpacks?


feeltheglee t1_j7ln3lc wrote

You can get kids' backpacks from Osprey for $40, currently on sale for $23, and they will repair or replace any backpack they've ever produced. They make more expensive ($100), more technical ones (hip belt with side pockets) as well, but I don't think you need that in a school bag.

Before I sound like an Osprey shill, there are plenty of other technical backpack companies (North Face, REI's in-house brand, Gregory, etc.) that make kids' packs as well, most with an offering in the $35-45 range.


Kiruvi t1_j7llhvz wrote

That backpack is getting slugs, boogers, and loose PB&J crammed into it; I'm not buying anything fancier than a basic Jansport.


mixedliquor t1_j7le4pc wrote

I don’t think people are hating “poor” in this thread.


HolieMacaroni t1_j7lfg76 wrote

True, I guess I should have added more context to my last sentence. it was more in realtion to life in general.

> People love to hate different / poor.


mechabeast t1_j7l4zvs wrote

What niche does this fill that isn't saturated by the current market?


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l7g63 wrote

The major backpack brands in the world are literally like hundreds of years ahead of us. However, the improvement is continuous, with different purposes requiring different features on the product. While other big brands only focus on designing products for adults, a backpack for children that has to carry a lot of accessories on the shoulder is not much attention. And this is the direction we are headed.


Vulg4r t1_j7lmi0i wrote

This comment gave me a stroke


iRAPErapists t1_j7m9nbq wrote

I guess he has done zero market research as well if he thinks there's... No company marketing BACKPACKS.. Towards... Kids???


49ers-81-84-88-89-94 t1_j7l7cj3 wrote

It took you 3 years to design something that has existed since 3300 BC?


Ez13zie t1_j7lsyy9 wrote

Hmmmmm… What about a smaller backpack!!?? For kids!!! For $180!!! We could do an AmA!


ghost650 t1_j7lc6df wrote

They didn't claim to invent the backpack. I get it, the backpack is expensive, but you guys are just being assholes, now.


yieldbetter t1_j7l7ekd wrote

A 200$ kids bag ? I used to go through 3 a year. God damn it if you believe in this I can start believing in myself!


WorldlyCupcake5345 t1_j7liii9 wrote

Yeah, it was years' ago, and they were in the $70-$80 range, but I had an Eastpack backpack in College for the whole nearly 4 years and that was basically indestructible, with books than weighed a ton.


Worldly76 t1_j7lbvss wrote

Did you go through nice backpacks or cheap ones though


yieldbetter t1_j7lf5qd wrote

Probably a nice one at first then multiple cheap ones kids don’t care


Worldly76 t1_j7ljx7r wrote

Sure they don't but a quality product lasts longer.


AlecNess t1_j7lb637 wrote

I’ll be honest with you… that backpack does not look good/cool/nice at all.. (I’m my opinion.) It’s also crazy expensive for what it is (and does.)

Do you really think this was needed in the current market? In my opinion this offers nothing new.

I wish you the best, succeeding in starting something new isn’t easy.


EnnWhyCee t1_j7leqls wrote

Serious question: how much do you regret this AMA?


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OP, if you need any help, please message the mods here.

Thank you!

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ottonomy t1_j7l7ro0 wrote

What is the Online Industry?


xqxcpa t1_j7lbfz0 wrote

It's like the regular Industry, except it's Online


AMAprivacy t1_j7l9nmh wrote

You have a passion for backpack design? Interesting choice, my passion is for eating fried chicken, now if only I could find a job in that…


irvmtb t1_j7lebmm wrote

Haha this made me laugh and reminisce about my old job :) I used to be a product manager at a big fried chicken chain restaurant, and developing fried chicken products was my main responsibility. Lots of fried chicken eating between trying different restaurants, checking what competitors had, and developing our own products with our R&D teams lol. There are jobs out there where you can eat lots of fried chicken haha. I even took leftovers (chicken I only took a bite or two from) and brought those home for our dogs so they ate a lot of fried chicken too during that time.


lampposttt t1_j7lg4vn wrote

No idea why the comments here are so negative. This is an extremely well-designed backpack for kids. Is it expensive? Yes, but it's also new production and niche product. Sure, lifetime warranty would go a long way here, but it's a freaking startup guys, give the guy a break.

I'm also a backpack enthusiast (I've backpacked 10+ national parks and countless other weekend trips) and I own several high-end backpacks that cost $300+ from Osprey, Arcteryx, Jansport and others, and this has the same attention to detail and utility that I'd expect from those well-established brands, which is impressive.

Clearly this backpack isn't for EVERY family, but if you're middle or upper-middle income bracket and also value a very functional backpack for your kids, this is certainly one of the best options that I've personally ever seen.


lplplplplp51 t1_j7m7yeg wrote

Seriously. Some people are here just to shit on others’ work.


Heyhihello04 t1_j7ld5k0 wrote

Why are people tearing this guy a new one and downvoting everything? It's a kids backpack for christ sakes, calm down everyone.


DrBoomkin t1_j7lgbn5 wrote

Because it's very overpriced, the warranty is short, and he didn't explain why it's better than competitor's ergonomic backpacks.


dachaotic1 t1_j7ljc5t wrote

I understand the outrage over the price and the lack of justification for such a high price but man why is everyone suck a dick online. We wouldn't talk to each other like this if we were standing next to each other.


PFunk224 t1_j7lla7p wrote

Because it's a shitty advertisement disguised as an AMA. He's also only answering questions pertaining to his backpack, so it's not even an AMA, it's an "Ask me exclusively about this product I'm actively trying to sell to you".


4rch t1_j7mb1oh wrote

It's comments that I'm seeing in this thread that have made me realize this isn't the same reddit I came to when Digg 4.0 came out.

There's giving feedback, and then there's being an asshole. Many people have quit their jobs to do something that other people don't value. Who gives a fuck if it's for a backpack.

Old reddit would have provided feedback and the assholes would have been downvoted, but you all have become so jaded that none of you can even take a moment for some empathy and understand why this person is doing it.

My backpack as a kid weighed 20 pounds, that shit has real impacts on children for years to come, so fuck OP for wanting to create something that is designed for kids when other brands have essentially just taken an adult backpack and turned it into a miniature version?

OP, I'm sorry that people here who downvoted you are the same people upvoting AMAs by billionaires and other "fan favorites" that I've seen over the years (Bill Nye).

So on behalf of OP, I want to give everyone a kind gesture and let them all know that even though they might not care about backpacks, responses like this create a chilling effect for small operations who want to do an AMA.

The top comment is "get a marketing department" for Christ's sake! You all are complaining about reddit becoming corporate but in the same breath give a noncorporate OP shit for not having the bland decorum of a corporate PR department!

There are real people behind each of our posts and I'm ashamed of each and every one of you. There's karma to get upvotes, then there's the bullshit I'm witnessing today.

For anyone who disagrees with my sentiment, my only request is that you downvote me to a point where my comment karma reaches 0, because the people who used to upvote posts aren't the same one upvoting shit now and I do not want to be associated with the pervasive negativity that reddit has become in recent times.


Im_Jooms t1_j7kzoxp wrote

Hey, thanks for doing this.

More of a general startup question. I think one of the big things stopping more people from leaving salary and trying to go off on their own is just how stable salary seems.

How did you financially prepare to go out on your own? Did you all set aside months of savings before taking the plunge? Did you have something else that paid the bills?

Thanks for doing this AMA and I'm looking forward to your answer. :)


hoangmanager OP t1_j7l39cf wrote

I actually planned this before I quit my job completely. As mentioned, I have started to open stores selling backpacks of major brands in the world. When the income from there was enough for me to prepare for my project, I started switching to part-time work and gradually full-time before my office officially opened.


Im_Jooms t1_j7l4uph wrote

So it wasn't a huge switch for you and you eased into it. Makes sense.

Thanks for the reply!


MrSnowden t1_j7l8rr9 wrote

(Unsubstantiated accusation deleted)


SpaceElevatorMusic t1_j7lcd8v wrote

Unless OP created an account 9 years ago and seeded it with a post history in California-related subreddits (which seems unlikely) it's not an alt.


Im_Jooms t1_j7lcwmn wrote

Not everything is a conspiracy bro.

Nor is everyone as interested in tearing down an AMA.


azninvasion2000 t1_j7lhngt wrote

While I admire the drive you have for creating a great backpack, IMO unfortunately you're a bit late for this, at least in my area.

Kids these days in the NYC and tri state area only carry around paper/pencil if they are into analog art, and that is dying out too. All they really need is a laptop, power supply, and lunch.

It really doesn't matter if their backpack can stand upright, or has all those compartments or fancy straps. A $60 fjallraven kanken backpack is lightweight, waterproof, ergonomic, and can hold a laptop, power supply, and food.

In any case I hope I'm wrong and wish you success.


iRAPErapists t1_j7ll244 wrote

Not to mention those backpacks have a better warranty and look nicer


azninvasion2000 t1_j7lt7hf wrote

I've had mine for about a decade, and although the color has faded, it still works perfectly.

I also like how if you go for a hike and it gets dirty you can just throw it in the wash.

Also it completely flattens when empty so when you are on a train you don't need to take it off and can sink right back into the seat.

Maybe I'm the wrong demographic for the type of backpack this guy is advertising, but even if gifted one, it would never ever get used, and would be hard to give away.

I think the only real thing going is the fashion and customizable bit to show off to friends, but around here, pulling a M2 Max out of the bag kinda fills that role.


iRAPErapists t1_j7m9zbk wrote

This guy stated the market is utterly lacking in backpacks for kids that can accommodate all their needs. Seems.. He's wronnnggggg?


olderaccount t1_j7lklak wrote

How do you define success?

Until you have sales, how do you know if your design is a success or not?

I have a hard time accepting that a $140 backpack for little kids will succeed. Maybe with the right endorsement from trendy influencers you might get a few of the Lululemon crowd to drop the kind of cash on a kids backpack. The mainstream market could never support that price point.


hoangmanager OP t1_j7o64p8 wrote

Actually, before I decided to launch a global version of our backpack, we produced the local version and sold it to local customers and got good feedback from them. I know this product won't be for the masses, but there are parents who are willing to spend this amount of money to get their kids a good product. A great stepping stone makes me more believe that global customers will welcome our product too.


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How much does each backpack cost to make?


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Online Industry?


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Why wouldn't I buy a Jansport with a better warranty?

This feels like one of those etsy flips.


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When you started this AmA, did you think you’d be successful in basically running an advertisement in r/IAmA?

Also, do you plan on selling on Amazon so they steal your design and undercut your pricing?

When making the choice to manufacture internationally, how did you decide upon Vietnam? Wages? Availability? Young work force? Efficiency?


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Just what we needed, another overpriced backpack disguised to help prevent spinal damage in children.

Give me a break. Not hating, it’s just people respect you a whole lot more when your real with them. I’m sure you’ll get plenty jobless soccer moms purchase these. Might wanna go back to your day job.

You didn’t really quit your job to pursue your passion of designing backpacks did you?


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Who the fuck cares?


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Ya, give the people what they really want! More 2 vaginas AMAs!


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Is it bullet proof? Because if it isn’t, America doesn’t need another weak snowflake company.


iRAPErapists t1_j7llfl7 wrote

Look at you. You need a bulletproof backpack?

Are YOU bulletproof? Or just a weak snowflake American vulnerable to pussy ass bullets?


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No, most American schools do not


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> You're right I'm just making it up.

I mean I don’t know if you’re making it up, I just know that you’re wrong. Also this is a very funny overreaction to what I said.


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> I'm trying to get an answer to a question and you want to interupt it with your personal opinion.

You didn’t ask a question, and I didn’t state an opinion.

>I called my kids school and told them some guy on reddit said we don't need clear backpacks, so I'm not going to buy one. Thanks for the help. Problem solved.

I didn’t say your kids school didn’t require a clear backpack lol. Maybe if you’d understood what I said you wouldn’t have gotten yourself so worked up?


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> "is this offered in clear" is a question.

I don’t see where you said that. Also, where did I state my personal opinion?


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> Lol, so you didn't even read my question.

I read your comment, there was no question in it. Did you read mine? I’m wondering where the personal opinion is.

>Good luck to you.

Thanks buddy!