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WhatsFairIsFair t1_j7pw8ae wrote

I don't get where you're coming from. Is it the combining with the world's datasets piece? They're probably using either publicly available datasets or have specific agreements with companies to make use of their datasets.

HIPAA concerns patient identity mainly, so if the dataset is anonymized or fictionalized then it's likely fine. Or if it can't be anonymized then they'll just add some extra paperwork before sharing.

Don't think that HIPAA means your data isn't shared with other companies. It just means the companies will sign some paperwork first.

Edit: also the rubber was on the road 9 years ago apparently because they've been doing this since 2013


t_rexinated t1_j89cjqf wrote

they use a combo of already available public datasets in addition to strategic partnership or licensings that give them accessibility to otherwise walled-off, yet potentially highly valuable data sources.

Regardless of where it comes from, everything is regulatory/HIPAA compliant prior to the data actually moving hands.