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reddig33 t1_j7w936t wrote

There’s plenty of room for wind and solar. Have you seen all the empty land in the US? Or the projects where solar panels are installed over aqueducts to prevent evaporation? Or the farms where crops, livestock, and solar panels share space? What about all the roofs on top of homes, office buildings, schools, and shopping centers? Covered parking lots? Etc etc.

And when we run out of land, there’s space in the water off the coasts.


Sammy_Roth t1_j7wa9lu wrote

Hey there, thank you for the comment! Definitely, there is not a shortage of places to put stuff. What I've been trying to confront in Repowering the West is the reality that almost anywhere you try to put stuff, opposition bubbles up -- for reasons that may seem legitimate or not so much, depending on your point of view. Much of that "empty land," for instance, is crucial habitat for imperiled wildlife.

Would encourage you to follow along with my reporting, and please let me know what you think!