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TylerJWhit t1_j89yhm9 wrote

Thank you for your candidness.

I spend a lot of time tracking white supremacists and the first thing I saw was the ape skull and it sent alarm bells off in my head.

When I found the profile photo I was extra concerned.

That being said, the fact that you have unequivocally rejected bigotry is comforting. I would just be cautious in the future. When using iconography that's often associated with racist phrenology, you might want to address it beforehand.

I'll remove my comments to ensure you aren't harassed.


Eleos3 OP t1_j8a1hx4 wrote

Absolutely, I think it is quite a tragedy when groups like that co-opt imagery and prevent artists from expressing themselves, but it is something we need to be aware of (and I try to be).

I hope you are able to stop by the live stream, maybe try to solve one of the puzzles yourself, and win a painting! I'm sure your keen eye for detail may be of use!


[deleted] t1_j8aopzy wrote



Eleos3 OP t1_j8aqj2r wrote

Why choose a different tool? Hammers are great! Especially if you don't like the painting you made! Haha,

hope you were able to check out the stream!