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In the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High massacre in 2018, we reported for the first time how many children had endured a shooting at a K-12 school since 1999, and the final tally was far higher than what we had expected: more than 187,000.

Now, just five years later, and despite a pandemic that closed many campuses for nearly a year, the number has exploded, climbing past 331,000.

We know that because we’ve continued to maintain a unique database that tracks the total number of children exposed to gun violence at school, as well as other vital details, including the number of people killed and injured, the age, sex, race and gender of the shooters, the types and sources of their weapons, the demographic makeup of the schools, the presence of armed security guards, the random, targeted or accidental nature of the shootings.

Steven is the database editor for the investigations unit at The Washington Post. John Woodrow Cox is an enterprise reporter and the author of Children Under Fire: An American Crisis.

View the Post's database on children and gun violence here:

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