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non-number-name t1_jbu77gz wrote

>>Bibio zuip

Who in their right mind would transcribe droidspeak like that?
I love it.

>>Wioibbliybop twi.


Sehrengiz OP t1_jbu87hw wrote

And it seems they did a thorough job of accurately transcribing it. Amazing.


stomach t1_jbusi5e wrote

how many people worked on this and what was it for? i can't seem to wrap my head around how people spend their time, i could never finish a project like this lol


somesketchykid t1_jbvh12a wrote

Imagine including this website in your graphic design portfolio though


regalrecaller t1_jbvamv6 wrote

Some people don't have ADHD? Idk man I'm in the same boat as you


japes28 t1_jbwku3j wrote

I don’t have ADHD and have the skills to make this, but I still wouldn’t put this much time and effort into something that I’m not being paid for.


BogdanPradatu t1_jbx6686 wrote

Just put a banner on it. Like the ones with hot moms in your area..


Finchyy t1_jbvjzfr wrote

>how many people worked on this and what was it for? i can't seem to wrap my head around how people spend their time, i could never finish a project like this lol

Passion is a wonderful motivator.


NavyCMan t1_jbvuq1w wrote

And a lack of brain problems that fuck with executive function.


beatyouwithahammer t1_jbwftft wrote

I'm just amazed that so many people don't become completely demoralized with living and completely totally give up on attempting to accomplish anything at all like I have, so many lucky people in this world who haven't been traumatized into submission. It's just mind-boggling.


CodeTheInternet t1_jbvqgkg wrote

This was done by Bethesda as a proof of concept for the new Skyrim release.


Wobegoten t1_jbwh5hu wrote

From his website, it looks like it was just one guy, Martin Panchaud that worked on it and it took him "about 1000 hours". He is a graphic novelist and artist and just did it for the enjoyment/personal reputation build. What an effect, I loved it!


allhailshake t1_jbvi1hk wrote

I don't know what source they transcribed, this definitely isn't 1:1 with the film.


GatoradeNipples t1_jbvpwec wrote

The phonetic names for "See-Threepio" and "Artoo-Detoo" make me think it's the novelization, which used the exact same phonetic names for them instead of C-3PO and R2-D2.


rarebit13 t1_jbv01k6 wrote

See Threepio
Artoo Detoo

How could they get this so right and wrong at the same time?

Edit: ok, ok, I now know that this is how it's written in the EU. Thanks for telling me, TIL. I don't need more replies telling me the same thing.


montananightz t1_jbv4ibx wrote

Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio are how they're actually named in the script.

It does also say R2-D2 and C-3PO though. Both ways are story accurate.

They also abbreviate them frequently with just "Threepio" and "Artoo" being common.

IMHO, it kinda lends to the idea that they aren't just robots, but are sentient beings deserving of names


esach88 t1_jbvcznf wrote

I was thinking it would help the actors read out and say their names.


mecartistronico t1_jbwhsv3 wrote

Well here in Mexico many people say "Arturito", so... Not that bad, I guess?


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jbv50ke wrote

Tell me you never read the EU without telling me you never read the EU.


rarebit13 t1_jbv5fbh wrote

You're right,only ever the movies and games. Never seen their names written out like that.


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jbv76yc wrote

Yeah, caught me by surprise first time I saw it. It humanizes the droids to turn their numbers into proper nouns (which Kenobi promptly ruins by calling Leia's droid "Lola").


sade1212 t1_jbw600t wrote

"Lola" is LO-LA59. Obviously out-of-universe, the latter is reverse-derived from the former, but in-universe the idea is the nickname comes from the model number.


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jbxd4wp wrote

Right, and that's my point. According to the convention used for all other droids, she'd be Ello.


sade1212 t1_jbxh5ih wrote

C-3PO is usually "Threepio" not "See" or "See Three", though. Chopper in Rebels' model number is a real stretch (C1-10P). It's not a particularly rigid convention.


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jby3x6m wrote

Did... did you think my point was that it had to be the first few letters/digits?

It was Threepio (3PO) and not "Threepo," because every letter/number is fully pronounced. No droid in the EU broke that convention to my knowledge - their names were their alphanumeric designations, but written out as proper nouns to humanize them.


sade1212 t1_jby6ceb wrote

That doesn't cover Chopper, who is not "See One" or whatever, so even if the same convention was that rigidly copied it's not been in place for the last decade.


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jby6izc wrote

Could you explain to me how Rebels is the EU?


sade1212 t1_jbyiog2 wrote

>which Kenobi promptly ruins

If we're only considering the EU, Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't included so it doesn't ruin anything. If we're considering the new canon, Rebels did a similar thing nearly a decade before Kenobi.

Most importantly... Why would everyone in the whole Star Wars galaxy nickname their droids in any kind of consistent way anyway? What's the value in doing it the exact same way as it was done in the first movie every single time, besides sheer self-referential backpatting? It'd be ludicrous to suggest in-universe that, presented with "LO-LA59", anyone would go for "Ello Ellay Fivenine" or similar over "Lola".


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jbyrwsd wrote

The new material ruining things the EU established has been going on since, well, the EU was discarded in favor of new material.

As for "why would everyone...?", because they did. Decades of EU material followed the convention.

EDIT: Ah, I see you single downvoting everything I'm writing here. Petty of you, but let me do it right back.


sade1212 t1_jbz0z52 wrote

So you've now moved the goalposts from OWK back to any of the "new material" - does that include TCW too, a show with the exact same creator as Rebels? Are we going to go back over 15 years to the good old days when Star Wars wasn't ruined because it improbably had all characters follow one specific droid nicknaming convention, just for the sake of it?

This must be the absolute tiniest, silliest nitpick I've seen yet. It's also not even true - G0-T0 in KOTOR 2 is "Goto", not "Geeo Teeo" or whatever, the exact same pattern as "L0-LA" becoming "Lola". Did KOTOR 2 ruin the EU?


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jbztxvd wrote

>Tell me you never read the EU without telling me you never read the EU.


>No droid in the EU broke that convention to my knowledge - their names were their alphanumeric designations, but written out as proper nouns to humanize them.


>Could you explain to me how Rebels is the EU?


>The new material ruining things the EU established has been going on since, well, the EU was discarded in favor of new material.

"MoVeD tHe GoAlPoStS"

Your lack of reading comprehension and penchant for arguing is not my problem.

Also, you're dishonest. G0-T0 created a false identity using a hologram, named Goto, and made everyone think the hologram was actually the head smuggler while G0-T0 was simply Goto's droid. That is why the name "Goto" was used. Like, you knew that, if you're citing KOTOR 2 (unless you never played it?).


sade1212 t1_jc059xz wrote

Yes, I played KOTOR 2, and as I recall Goto is still pronounced Goto even after you find out he's really a droid. Maybe I am misremembering, it's been a few years.

The goalpost move is when you went from "Kenobi ruined it" to "[anything that's not the old EU] ruined it". I don't know what you're hoping to achieve by quoting all the times you mentioned the EU after that.

Here: I'll concede that, every single droid in any Star Wars material released prior to 2014 did not receive a nickname of any form except the exact same one as R2 and 3PO (Goto doesn't count because he was trying to hide he was a droid, and RX-24/Rex doesn't count because he's from a theme park ride, and gonk/GNK and mouse/MSE don't count because they're clearly fairly clunkily reverse-engineered and are names for groups rather than individuals, and BLX-5/"Bollux" doesn't count because the Brain Daley Han Solo novels were written so early on and his model number was a later addition, and all the various droids who were given nicknames with no relation to their model numbers whatsoever like "Mynock"/"Jawaswag"/"Catch" don't count either because that's not quite the same thing - and "Mynock" becoming "Gate" instead of "Gee Eight" also doesn't count because, well, I know you said "fully pronounced" before but that's close enough, right) and that the subsequent deviation from this inexplicable but essential Star Wars tradition has made the franchise worse.


HashtagLawlAndOrder t1_jc0co46 wrote

Right - the character is introduced as "Goto" on deception, and the game doesn't change his name hours into the story over a technicality.

Also, no, since I was replying to a guy who admitted having read none of the EU. I pointed out the most recent example of it being ruined, without a pedantic breakdown of the EU and its subsequent scrubbing and replacement, because I wasn't yet talking to a pedant.

And thanks for the concession. I'll take your snark as a symptom of your poor social skills.


sade1212 t1_jc0eyqj wrote

We're arguing back on forth on the details of how Star Wars droid naming conventions have changed over time on reddit dot com, so I'm pretty sure that relative to normal, well-adjusted human beings, neither of us have any business claiming the high horse on social anything.

I'm unsure why you addressed GOTO for a second time - jokes aside I can see how the unique circumstances make it a bit of an edge case - but not any of the other examples I brought up in the last post. Or, again, why this extremely esoteric detail is a "ruination" of anything, or how it could even possibly make sense for no one in the entire Star Wars galaxy to ever happen to use a different method to come up with a designation-based droid nickname.


Jedibug t1_jbvabgs wrote

It's their names in the original script buddy


rarebit13 t1_jbvdxb2 wrote

Thanks pal, I still didn't realise that from the previous comments that told me the same thing.


Jedibug t1_jbvhkt4 wrote

Yeah thanks, thought you needed it.


mindgasm1c t1_jbu7oo1 wrote

Luke: What’s for dinner tonight, Dad?

Anakin: Wookiee steak.

Luke: Is it any good?

Anakin: It’s a little chewy.


pharomk t1_jbv6xtg wrote

Makes sense, based on the ending should have known it wouldn't be award winning.


MikeSafetyNZ t1_jbu873t wrote did it in ascii years aho


doge-chaser t1_jbuj195 wrote

There was a telnet server that did it long before that.


FamousM1 t1_jbuk7yp wrote



doge-chaser t1_jbvk38c wrote

That's the one. Fond memories of connecting on the school computers back in the day.


Bmandk t1_jbxfq3o wrote

It also credits a guy named Simon, same first name as the other guy. Highly likely to be the same


FamousM1 t1_jbyndqk wrote

I never paid attention to the credits, but looking back at it it seems like the ASCII site that was posted is the original work from Simon and then Sten Spans of blinkinlights "tellnetified" it

Good eye!


berickphilip t1_jbv292t wrote

This is actually better and more impressive! I was a bit disappointed about the massive quantity of square frames wtth small dots and huge quantities of text on the "graphic" (it looked more like a text script with tiny text font with explanatory diagrams). The ascii animations and content must have been extremely challenging to create. And the same for the telnet someone posted below.

EDIT: unfortunately, it is not the full complete story..


Matthias720 t1_jbuij70 wrote

My first thought as well. How technology improves, right?


Vectorman1989 t1_jbu9rw6 wrote

There used to be a server you could Telnet to and it would play an ASCII animation of A New Hope


montananightz t1_jbv6cyo wrote

Yeah sadly it seems the telnet stopped working a few years ago. Now I just get a connection error. You can find a video of it on YT though.


Sehrengiz OP t1_jbu9et1 wrote

Just for this one, make sure you know how to smooth scroll on your browser by clicking the middle mouse button or whatever. Take that minute to learn smooth scrolling. It'll be well worth it.


Parlorshark t1_jbuq5cl wrote

Pretty great on mobile, just a little small. I imagine ipad would be divine.


essentialatom t1_jbvewbv wrote

This is wonderful, but in a medium that's explicitly about scrolling, how are you not including the opening crawl?


Nick_J_at_Nite t1_jbu9a80 wrote

Why do I want to start a new RimWorld save


tildraev t1_jbu9ghv wrote

Looks like the enterprise in the thumbnail. My favorite star wars ship.


WinterAd2942 t1_jbucex0 wrote

Thats the aluminum falcon


VG88 t1_jbuf453 wrote

It's Babylon 12 Parsecs


tslnox t1_jbvnkkm wrote

Aluminum Falcon! :-D I love it.


Tail_Nom t1_jbubw2z wrote

Very nice! 10/10

> See-Threepio

> Artoo-Detoo



WinterAd2942 t1_jbuca1p wrote

Thats how they spell their names in the books


VG88 t1_jbuf9kh wrote

That's just plain wrong.


Tail_Nom t1_jbuh23u wrote

They spell it "atee-atee walker", too? I'm well aware the precedent exists. It is, however, both inconsistent and a sin against god and man.


Lemesplain t1_jbuj3hf wrote


In case you don’t want to watch the video, Diego Luna grew up watching Star Wars in Spanish. He heard R2’s name as “Arturito,” which is the diminutive version of Arthur. So like “Lil Arty.”


Tail_Nom t1_jbuo18o wrote

That's cute~ 8:07

Honestly, I find it a bit of charming Star Wars history, the transcription of the alphanumeric names. While I find it a little grating in newer contexts, it reminds me of a better time. You know, before the special editions, before the prequels and before Disney. Star Wars felt different back then.

In any case, it's not really a serious quibble, by willingness to argue the point (and the severity with which I would do so) is in proportion to how hard the other side of the argument wants to engage. S'just a silly thing, and if you care enough to argue the point, we're already on the same side.


currentpattern t1_jbud1qy wrote

Seen that movie a thousand times but just now realized that Luke never slept on the night that R2 ran away. And how inevitable it was that the Imperials would track the droids to the sandcrawler, and then to the Lars homestead. Only surprised they didn't get there sooner.

Also, Obi-wan's comment that "we were made to think" the sand people did this. Seems doubtful that the empire would give a shit about disguising their slaughter as the act of sand people. How/why did the Imperials forge batha tracks?


Social_Philosophy t1_jbufbjw wrote

>Obi-wan's comment that "we were made to think" the sand people did this.

The man hid Darth Vader's kid with his closest living relatives. Just dumb luck that Vader never decided to visit his mother's grave or anything. Clever Obi-wan was not.


Bqnonumbers t1_jbuxo3g wrote

Nah, everyone knows Anakin hates sand. He'd avoid Tatooine more than anywhere. Plus it's a place of bad childhood memories and where his mum died


TheNebulaWolf t1_jbvu7d1 wrote

It's also way out in the boonies, far from the empires seat of power in corusant. And if I remember correctly, obiwan didn't know anakin lived and became Vader for several years.


RiderExMachina t1_jbvx8yn wrote

I just realized the ship was completely captured in the Star Destroyer, yet somehow an escape pod from the ship managed to exit the Star Destroyer?


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_jbwlota wrote

So.... the first Star Wars movie is not good.

Its terrible by almost every metric. The only reason we remember Star Wars fondly is because of Empire.


RiderExMachina t1_jbwn40f wrote

That's disingenuous. It's remembered fondly because the effects were revolutionary at the time and it made lasting changes in modern sci-fi films.

While yes, Empire is the best of the original trilogy, it wouldn't have been released at all if A New Hope had bombed at the box office.


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_jbwne0w wrote

The effects are one of the bits which were revolutionary, but seriously go back and watch it with a critical eye.

Its not a good film. If anything its a forgettable chase film which, without Empire, would have been a footnote. I'm not being flippant. It's not good.


Inthewirelain t1_jby021h wrote

Not amazing doesn't equal not good, there's levels, and alsonyou have to look at it as a whole. It's disingenuous to call something with fun and enjoyable but not groundbreaking writing with industry standard setting effects as bad, and you know it is. You don't even have to subjectively like it to see its not objectively bad. If you weren't trying to piss so many people off phrasing it how you did and were honest about its shortcomings you'd have gotten a much diff reaction here.


LividFalcon t1_jbupsx1 wrote

It's a really good graphic of the movie!! Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy!! A detail that caught my eye though: Imperial I class Star Destroyers only had six heavy turbolaser batteries (3 starboard + 3 portside). Sorry!! It's a small detail, I know. The rest is fantastic!!


tenth t1_jbvmg0o wrote

They left out Han's mumbled "Boring conversation anyway" that precedes "Luke! We're going to have company!"


DrHalibutMD t1_jbupr7i wrote

Star destroyer not big enough.


AreThree t1_jbuy0ny wrote

Check my memory, but I thought after Lord Vader chokes and tosses the Rebel Officer aside, the quote was:

"Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans and bring me the passengers - I want them alive!"

In this Infographic, it is quoted as:

"Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans and bring me the Ambassador - I want her alive!"

Anyone with an original SW4:ANH video tape want to check? lol though I suppose a DVD will have to do... I would personally, but am unable at the moment, I might be able to in 12h or so... I would love to know!

Edit: OK, so it was pointed out to me that the Infographic might be paraphrasing a few scenes in order to avoid any sort of copyright complaints from Disney. I totally get it. However, now I really do want to know if I've remembered that correctly! lol


AreThree t1_jbuyit3 wrote

I also might be misremembering the following scene where the Stormtroopers spot Princess Leia and say:

"There's one! Set for stun!" >pew<

But the infographic here says:

"There she is! Set for stun!" >pew<



cakon t1_jbxb8qj wrote

This is ABSURD! Congrats, OP


UStoJapan t1_jbuhd3w wrote

“What is this, Star Wars for ants?” - Probably Derek Zoolander


ringobob t1_jbw1tev wrote

Man, even here I can't avoid the special edition changes Lucas made.


kjmedora t1_jbwfm3o wrote

So who do we address the Nobel prize to for this…?


tonyjambo t1_jbybjjb wrote

Wow this is amazing !!


Otelo2 t1_jbyctl5 wrote

Among us map


Monkfich t1_jbynocd wrote

Very good! And not only did Solo fire first, Greedo didn’t even get a single shot off!


Johnson2772 t1_jbyqcj8 wrote

Whoever did it, is a true lover of the brilliant side of The Force... Those midi-chlorians are in a god level... My truly respects ❤️... The Force Be With Him ❤️


grimorg80 t1_jbyxk35 wrote



3-DMan t1_jbuxkhu wrote

No wonder only Vader gets to be a bestagon!

Sandperson surprise is funny


PvtDeth t1_jbvd6oc wrote

Very cool, but Special Edition?


MisterGoo t1_jbwj4r8 wrote

>Wioibbliybop twi

I’m not saying that that R2-D2 dude is a rapist, but he sounds a lot like Bill Cosby…


raiden2kk t1_jbwrmfc wrote

Awesome! Great experience


sev7en25077 t1_jdpdpuk wrote

It seems down due to overloading... thanks anyway.


NA_Panda t1_jbuxp3c wrote

Star Wars IV: The Webtoon Edition


thanatossassin t1_jbv2nvf wrote

Man, wasn't this around and during StumleUpon days? Miss coming up on cool, random stuff like this.


Catlore t1_jbvvpfi wrote

Sadly, the site has zoom disabled, making it unreadable for me. Luckily I've seen the movie eighty bajillion times, so I can tell the graphic is cool!


crystalistwo t1_jbw5a0u wrote

I kind of wish that the Falcon with the cutaway panels had one little red light in the hold after leaving the Death Star.


indigoplatty t1_jbwmxdw wrote

I haven’t gotten through new hope without falling asleep. I can say in scroll form, it’s still so frustratingly hard to get through, something about this story is boring. Maybe I don’t know enough to understand what is so great about a drama put in the stars.


hitssquad t1_jbxow8e wrote

> what is so great about a drama put in the stars.

Space opera.


GandalfSwagOff t1_jbxr78v wrote

You don't have to over analyze it. You don't like Star Wars because its not your kind of movie.


indigoplatty t1_jc6j7kx wrote

It feels strange, to see it as many times that I have, to not like it. Not a badge of honor but a strange miss step in my own movie literacy(Lack of a better word). I didn’t like Harry Potter all the much until someone who loved it watched and explained it too me.

You are right tho.