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fh3131 t1_jc9unc4 wrote

ǝɯ ɹoɟ ʞɹoʍ ʇ,upıp :(


AncestralSpirit t1_jca12yh wrote

I always wonder why the letter t and g look weird when they’re upside down


half-clever t1_jca2y2u wrote

Seems like they used a letter that used the "normal" vertical space allotted to the letter t, not following the example of other letters being flipped and shifted down one vertical step.


dclxvi616 t1_jcajdif wrote

They are legit characters in their own right that were never intended to be merely upside-down letters, so there is not a uniform upside-down alphabet to draw from, it's just using the closest approximations.


Phxdown27 t1_jcdum3f wrote

What do you mean legit?


dclxvi616 t1_jcdya9h wrote

I mean that’s not an upside-down ‘k’, it’s a character/symbol that’s there for some other legitimate purpose that just happens to look like an upside-down ‘k’. I dunno’ wtf that purpose is because it’s an obscure symbol, but that’s how it be.


Fearchar t1_jcej397 wrote

Well, /ʞ/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet is used for a velar click.


jmd_akbar t1_jca7u8u wrote

I think it'll look alright from Down Under 😁