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ZekasZ t1_jcnc369 wrote

Sleep as Android(app, not a typo) is basically this. Uses phone sensors to measure your movement and determines sleep phase on that. You can set it to have a wake-up window as well, to target that easily waked state. At least, it worked well for me.


FequalsMfreakingA t1_jcnxpwf wrote

Fun fact, the shorthand (sic) is used to mean (I know you might think I made a mistake, but I'm accurately recreating the thing I'm referring to). Like if a court document references a Tweet that has a typo/misspelling or if a proper noun is stylized in a nonstandard way (like in your example), you could insert "(sic)" without quotations to signify to the reader that the "mistakes" were written with intention.

You didn't say anything incorrect, but thought you might find this interesting enough to spend 97 words to help you save 3 sometime in the future.


LukeMedia t1_jcoa3q3 wrote

I'm really glad you posted this because I will absolutely find this to be both useful, and an interesting fun fact at some point. Thank you!


omegashadow t1_jcovsrz wrote

Or just use quotation marks

The "Sleep as Android" app.


GhostBurger12 t1_jcnr1dl wrote

Even better if you have a smart-wrist thing for movement tracking.

Phone movement sense isn't too accurate.


DorrajD t1_jcojvgd wrote

Could it work with a fitbit? I actually keep my phone mounted in a spot not on my bed so using it as a sensor is out of the question anyway


GhostBurger12 t1_jcp8hpe wrote

I don't recall the correct answer.

I have a fitbit & don't use the android at sleep app anymore.

I think I recall fitbit not being friendly in sharing it's feedback.