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KarmaRepellant t1_iry40v5 wrote

Schindler's list?


atraindpoae t1_irynw86 wrote

Hmmm. The shot of everyone on the horizon? Music kicks in as we go from B&W to color. I think we have another winner.


fucky_thedrunkclown t1_is0kucw wrote

Before I even opened this thread, I had decided I was going to mention Schindler’s List, and here you are.


Neiot t1_is834me wrote

Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Joe_Kickass t1_iry2932 wrote

It does NOT work for the Blair Witch Project.


ForgotTheBogusName t1_iry7sh3 wrote

Nor House of Sand and Fog


AnInsolentCog t1_is07kz2 wrote

Or Begotten.


JBear1980 t1_irxocao wrote

My dad wanted this song played at his funeral, so that's what we did. ❤️ I still get emotional hearing it.


kjm16216 t1_is0xysk wrote

My dad wants the instrumental from Layla.

It's worth noting he's a Dire Straights fan.


trusty_rombone t1_irydiyw wrote

Maybe I'm taking this hypothesis too literally, but I watched a few of these ("There Will Be Blood/The Dark Knight Rises/The Shining), and didn't think The Walk Of Life fit at all. Saying this as a big Dire Straits fan.


wokawoka2 t1_iryo2i3 wrote

Yeah, I think if you take it completely out of context of the movie and just watch the very end, maybe it works. But like Heat for example. After watching that story unfold for 3 hours and the environment that Mann setup for the movie and the city....that seems more like the ending to a naked gun parody. So while if you had never seen the movie the visual beats might work with the audio beats, it is very superficial.

I like the song and would want it to work, but this is more of a quick proof that the hypothesis has been proven false in quick order so at least we can put to rest this one and move on to the next hypothesis.


moehoward3 t1_irzzk3c wrote

I tried it with The Godfather (both parts 1 and 2).

Doesn't work. But, it DOES work during the scenes where Micheal has everyone killed during the baptism. Weird.


Scoongili t1_iry0xlp wrote

I remember my dad getting mad and yelling at my sister and me because we couldn't remember the name of this song after he described it poorly.


gmredditt t1_irz2la8 wrote

Difficulty: My Left Foot


PocketDeuces t1_irz4ii6 wrote

I'd like to see it on Caligula.


shanzun t1_iry4z6z wrote

This definitely works for all Edgar Wright films


ndGall t1_iry9nqn wrote

Most of the links on that page won’t play for me. Is that just on my end?


Cinade t1_irz31su wrote

I'm not feeling it with No Country For Old Men


FinishTheFish t1_irzf560 wrote

I always felt that the whole album it's from is the epitome of dad rock


LeJoker t1_irzl26y wrote

Why yes, it is an incredible album, you're right!


gopher_space t1_is2kn6w wrote

Every album before this sounds like late night bluesy dive bar music with a slumming guitarist and crappy singer.


ArthurDigbyZellers t1_is24bba wrote

Surprised trainspotting aint on there, it would be perfect


chucksef t1_irxurz7 wrote

Hypothesis: there can exist too much lava


Y34rZer0 t1_irys9qo wrote

This guy made a montage of how Fortunate Son is the perfect ending song for any video game that’s pretty cool


moderatesoul t1_irz9tm2 wrote

Have you heard of the "Dust on the Bottle Principle"?


efedora t1_irzbgv4 wrote

Works for some, not so much for others but when it works it really works.

Try Star Wars


thomasjford t1_irzyxky wrote

Didn’t like the Star Wars one. I don’t think the singing should come in on most of these until the credits roll. It fits better that way.

Robocop is an example of how it all marries up perfectly timing wise.


iballguy t1_irzh9u5 wrote

The Passion of the Christ.


Frog_Brother t1_irzmdqy wrote

This is hilarious. It doesn’t work, but it’s hilarious.


zephood75 t1_is04wlq wrote

Requim for a dream?


bettingthoughts t1_is0cuqz wrote

I reckon there are betters songs to try this with, esp some classical piece - gymopedia?


[deleted] t1_is0dw4m wrote

Maybe it’s my lack of nostalgia talking, but I don’t think this song fits most of these movies credits. It completely throws off the tone the movies built.


zampalot t1_is0e42f wrote

Ok. This is awesome. Just watched the Matrix bit and it is just perfectly timed. Good Job!


Stormfucker t1_is1dlqu wrote

No, it's Fortunate Son.

Badawwmm-badawmm badaawmm.


liamthelemming t1_isg4aht wrote

The Fellowship Of The Ring?

Gandalf's dead, the fellowship is broken and Frodo's trying to get to Mordor alone (and now feels bad he's let Sam get dragged into it)...

Walk Of Life!

Uh. No.


Terpomo11 t1_isiklfk wrote

Does the Lord of the Rings really count as three separate movies, though? The book was written as one book and divided for publication. So by extension, the adaptation of it is in effect one movie in three parts.


abOriginalGangster t1_is18jfm wrote

No. It’s an ok but dorky song & no one needs to hear that many woo-hoo’s ever.

It’d be better than f’ing “Eminence Front”, tho

Teenage Wasteland is a better choice