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Psybunny t1_iuhikzv wrote

Figma balls


Xandari11 t1_iuj1n2c wrote

Sugma and ligma are also great platforms


LA_Nail_Clippers t1_iujdcz1 wrote

I’m really impressed with the collaboration between Munchma Quchi and Liqa Madiq. Such amazing developers.


comparmentaliser t1_iuhnlhb wrote

Damn. This is a pretty cool, and it's an excellent way to show off your skills.

Of course there will be bugs but you've nailed it anyway. Great job.


BeingMani97 OP t1_iuhlqeq wrote

PS: There is a Hidden gift inside the MacoS Build somewhere.
Feel free to explore and find it if you can.


Calliefur t1_iuhg9vk wrote

it seems interesting, but seems extremely buggy and very unfinished as a concept piece. an example being when I opened up multiple 'apps' and went to close them, the apps refused to close from pressing the red X


BeingMani97 OP t1_iuhi1cq wrote

Fixed the App closing issue,
This was built without a single line of code in 3 hours, Just as a concept. So it is semi-functional for now. Updating a few more things as we speak and testing how far I can go without using any code.

Did you explore different things from the dock?


Calliefur t1_iujeq6d wrote

I didn’t get much of a chance to poke around all that much, I was trying it just before bedtime


Pahanda t1_iuhjb86 wrote

Figma closing buttons are misaligned & icons in apps don't show. Otherwise cool concept.


BeingMani97 OP t1_iuhk0pm wrote

Fixed the closing button issue.
Icons may take some time to load, but it will be rendered in 3-4 seconds.
Thanks for checking it out.


AntennaApp t1_iui414m wrote

Why is valid, constructive criticism being downvoted lmao


sparkyjay23 t1_iuj0dvx wrote

Nice work, bit buggy but fun all the same.


Ludeth t1_iujltcq wrote

This is pretty awesome!


Wingpad t1_iuka16h wrote

All the time spent on the dock paid off, it's brilliantly smooth. Would love to see what dragging/dropping would look like :p


SortaABartender t1_iuit76d wrote

Can’t wait to be able to design like this. Kudos


berlinbaer t1_iuiu4lg wrote

your portfolio site wont load for me with the 'www' in the url, when i remove it, it loads just fine..