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Roxerz t1_iupopw1 wrote

Curious but how come seals and all the other animals shit naturally on the beach but we can't? Not that I would..


Gusdai t1_iur6c53 wrote

It's a matter of numbers.

One human sh*tting on the beach is fine. A whole village and it's not. Villages all along the coast doing it, that's an issue.

Animals don't usually live in the same numbers as humans; for animals living in large colonies I don't know how they avoid diseases. Maybe they don't, and their young ones dying of diarrhea is common?

For the story, New York City used to dump raw sewage out at sea, through a long pipe. It caused issues, so they tried to dump further at sea (for more dilution), but it never solved the issue, so they ended up treating their sewage instead, like a normal city.


Dshark t1_iuqc1ii wrote

We’re more susceptible to our own bacteria.

Source: I don’t have one. That’s pure lazy speculation.