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meltingpotato t1_iur7dy8 wrote

The answer to all of them would be 1337x where I live


riasthebestgirl t1_iura7yw wrote

rarbg is good too


Perpetually_isolated t1_iusb42b wrote

Holy hell I have thought about rarbg in years.

Yify was good in their day but they kept file size small by giving versions with stripped down audio.


moonra_zk t1_iusg5k9 wrote

Mostly a lot of compression, I can't imagine watching YIFY rips on a big screen.


Elgatee t1_iuwm3dl wrote


Didn't know that one. Thanks


Iwantmyflag t1_iurhhrx wrote

yeah, I was confused all the good sources ending in .to are missing.


bateees t1_ius7eop wrote

use sodaplayer and you don't have to download the torrent anymore. we've come a long way


meltingpotato t1_ius9a5m wrote

That requires good internet speed and high data cap


j035u5 t1_iusq3zb wrote

Good internet speed sure, but it uses no more data. It doesn't download the video twice. If you have a data cap or low speeds, don't stream high definition video, regardless of where it's from.


meltingpotato t1_iussq0z wrote

It would if you want to rewatch something, unless the player actually downloads the file while streaming. does it?


recreationx t1_iutqadb wrote

I would like to think that there is a cache mechanism, but that just seems implausible since file sizes will pretty big if you retain everything.


j035u5 t1_iutt1wq wrote

Yes, if you have a bandwidth cap then don't stream the same video multiple times. That doesn't mean it takes any more data to stream than to download though, it takes the exact same amount of bandwidth either way.


meltingpotato t1_iuv8pbj wrote

>Yes, if you have a bandwidth cap then don't stream the same video multiple times

or, you know, I can just download the high quality file during the time of day that my internet is cheaper and then watch it offline as many times as I want. thanks for the suggestion though.


j035u5 t1_iuvh72p wrote

Yup, nothing stopping you. Was just correcting what you said because it was wrong. No one is saying don't download anything, not really sure why you're still talking about it to be honest.


ferocious_coug t1_iuryjsn wrote

Honestly TPB still works great for movies and tv. Just check the files beforehand and don’t be an idiot.


Emu1981 t1_iuufagy wrote

>The answer to all of them would be 1337x where I live

I need to utilise a VPN to access any of the torrent websites because our past government decided to kneel at the altar of the MPAA...


BendyBeretta t1_iurfj91 wrote

Oh good advertise piracy sites. That'll keep them around. Are you just stupid or actively being a snake?


DirtyButtPirate t1_iurgj3j wrote

Ah yes, this guy's comment is what is going to get 1337x shut down, the piracy police definitely didn't know about it beforehand.


SpaceShrimp t1_ius6x4f wrote

If you know about a piracy site, that site is probably already not a secret.