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m703324 t1_iwjs0ip wrote

I'd love clear indication whether some of them are free or free to try


AppropriateHamster t1_iwk8fwp wrote

Yes, I'm working on this. Should be live by tomorrow.


AppropriateHamster t1_iwkn0w4 wrote

Done. Added this for most of the tools. Gonna add for the rest soon too.


lolweakbro t1_iwnhztv wrote



AppropriateHamster t1_iwnkc12 wrote

If you use the search bar and search for 'free', you should only see free products. Let me know if it doesn't work.
PS: some freemium products might show up but that's because there's "free" in the description of the product. I need to update the descriptions manually for this and that'll take some time


nacnud_uk t1_iwkyniq wrote

The world you move in, is one that is opaque to me. I'll need to level up. Thanks for creating your repo; I'm sure.


andrewmyles t1_iwkt5ol wrote

yeah, this shit needs better tagging. For example,. I'm trying Public Prompts, which is tagged as "free" and "open source", but it fucking wants some credits from Dalle or whatever. this shit should not bear the name "open source"


andrewmyles t1_iwks2sy wrote

Fucking this. Also, add clear indicator of you need an account. for some stupid reason, this all needs fucking discord or google. why? I shpould just be able to put words in a text window.

also, tf is "freemium"? Either you have to pay for it or not. Not to mention this shit is supposed to be free anyways.

also, ditch the fucking blurry shit that nags me to subscribe to your newsletter. have you learned nothing? ffs


ReyxDD t1_iwkvjzg wrote

You're the problem. Why would people make shit free anymore when all they're met with is ungrateful whining. The dude has been constantly replying and applying changes to the website as we speak. It's obviously still a work in progress, there's ways to give constructive critism without being a massive fucking entitled asshole about it holy shit.


supersecretaqua t1_iwkvbyi wrote

This is the natural evolution of the angry dad yelling at the weather report, the toaster, the traffic...

Somehow the evolution is much worse and far less potential value


ghf2793 t1_iwn2zbe wrote

Please get someone to talk to. You seem angry and demanding.this can't be healthy for you.


AppropriateHamster t1_iwko783 wrote

Hey I added this feature. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks :)


NewChallengers_ t1_iwkw1nz wrote

Would be great if we could sort by this. I'd like to see all the results that are open source, for example


AppropriateHamster t1_iwlfxm8 wrote

Yes, you can just use the search bar for this. I'll make the UI/UX more clear in coming days


NewChallengers_ t1_iwlgn42 wrote

Oh ok thanks yeah I tried clicking the (xOpenSource) tag button to see all in that category. Didn't think to type it into the search bar since it's /a term/ , not a company. Making those tags clickable would be an intuitive UI step

Edit: removed a not where I didn't mean to put one


AppropriateHamster t1_iwmd6ua wrote

Also added an unintrusive weekly newsletter signup. Rn we are only supporting google login but will be adding email login by the end of this week.
Please sign up for it to stay updated on new tools added to the site.


NoConversation9358 t1_iwje3ly wrote

A lot of these are garbage that I doubt ai is involved in at all


bmk_ t1_iwjrs9v wrote

Should create an AI to sort the shit from the good on here.


AppropriateHamster t1_iwk8i0p wrote

I added the verified feature of this. If the verified tick is there, it means I've tested the tool out and found it useful


havoc_mayhem t1_iwkjeup wrote

What's the monthly charge for a verified tick? $8?


AppropriateHamster t1_iwkobtl wrote

For now, it's zero but I'd need to figure out a monetization model soon haha


made-u-look t1_iwn5spd wrote

Maybe some sort of link attribution and payment from each platform?


AppropriateHamster t1_iwsqazg wrote

if i do this, then a lot of new and free AI tools won't be able to get listed..


Amoral_Abe t1_iwlcuse wrote

It's a joke about Twitter charging $8 for a verification check.


MMDDYYYY_is_format t1_iwjv2ef wrote

"AI" is pretty vague though


EnvironmentalUganda t1_iwjwcc8 wrote

More like A"I".

Algorithmic "intelligence".


computermaster704 t1_iwjxwad wrote

Tbf tho do we really have any other sort of artificial intelligence


Cethinn t1_iwk6lcg wrote

G(eneral)AI is the holy grail of AI, and is what most people meant before we started calling machine learning "AI." For the moment though, ML is pretty much the best AI we have. It's really just a tool to search for minimums, not actual intelligence though. It doesn't know what it's doing or optimizing for, it just searches.


Nexustar t1_iwkw8um wrote

AI is horribly miss-used vague term. ML is better because it specifies learning. Some people call a bubble-sort AI (or similar basic algorithms when applied to business decisions) but there is no learning or intelligence by my observations so it's just logic.

Logic alone isn't AI.


telestrial t1_iwk99p8 wrote

No. It’s just a lot of people wanting to market themselves or their businesses.

Think about a term like “near AI”. How would you know you’re close if we don’t have actual fully-fledged AI?

I got this one: you would have no way of knowing.


GravySquad t1_iwlbn73 wrote

A machine that can perform natural language processing is an AI. You're probably thinking of AGI? But we would also know when we are in the presence of AGI so that still doesn't make sense.


telestrial t1_iwlh33e wrote

It’s no more an artificial intelligence than the code that ran the opponent in Pong.


GravySquad t1_iwlhte5 wrote

Does the game 'Pong' exhibit learning/problem solving?


GravySquad t1_iwlc2w4 wrote

>Tbf tho do we really have any other sort of artificial intelligence


huzernayme t1_iwk1d3l wrote

It's not algorithmic intelligence. It's algorithmic algorithmically intelligent intelligence. You have to encompass the graphic with the circles connected with a bunch of lines that always accompanies AI literature.


AppropriateHamster t1_iwk8n3u wrote

I added the verified feature for this. If the verified tick is there, it means I've tested the tool out and found it useful


CowboyBoats t1_iwjwnl5 wrote

Most of the garbage on the Internet is created by meat-based intelligence; you think it's beyond the grasp of artificial intelligence to create garbage?


Cethinn t1_iwk6zum wrote

Eventually computers will outpace our garbage creation, and I'm worried about that day. What will humans do when we're no longer needed for garbage creation? Will we become the garbage collectors?


psyEDk t1_iwk568h wrote

Got a better list to share?


tzomby1 t1_iwk8vlf wrote

yeah here you go -dalle 2

if you have any complaints about it better have your own list ready boy


Uncreativite t1_iwl0b34 wrote

The interior design one was particularly bad. In example photos on its own website, the AI was adding and removing walls, and adding windows. Which isn’t really something someone would want to do as part of interior design.


AppropriateHamster t1_iwlg4xh wrote

It'd gone viral on the internet and lots of people were praising it, so I decided to add it to the verified list.
Any tools you'd really recommend but aren't verified yet?


Uncreativite t1_iwln39l wrote

Nothing yet. I haven’t looked through the whole list yet


PM__ME__YOUR__CAT t1_iwjmyyj wrote

Can we make some AI watch all of the stupid shitty 3D animations from the NFL so it can make its own? I'd be so ecstatic


StanLp2 t1_iwk2wsj wrote

You made me realize that I also want this, but for bowling alley animations


Shuggaloaf t1_iwlfr2z wrote

Not exactly the same thing but in case you didn't know about it: r/bowlingalleyscreens


justkeptfading t1_iwjoekw wrote

I'm really curious as to what you mean here lol


PM__ME__YOUR__CAT t1_iwjvpru wrote

I want an AI to make one of these.


Crembels t1_iwjy2id wrote

I was expecting you to mean those 3D graphical transitions shows have between scenes, which in my experiences have usually always been quick, clean and high quality.

I was absolutly not prepared at all for that.

For real though, sounds like a great excuse for NFL 3D designers to just have a bit of fun in between doing the more boring "serious" animations. As long as the stats are clear, anything else in the background goes and if its funny then all the better.


Saffie91 t1_iwkqi1z wrote

Nerf can do 3d modelling from images.


Darkwing___Duck t1_iwjtz11 wrote

Is there one to write performance goals at work?


fotomoose t1_iwk3eqp wrote

I'll write your performance goals if you write my vision stream mapping suggestions.


Nexustar t1_iwkvv67 wrote

I'll do that if you write my 3 year product roadmaps


AppropriateHamster t1_iwk8nt0 wrote

Haha I might just create one


mobileuseratwork t1_iwkn2mf wrote

Now this actually is a legit idea.

The amount of time corporations spend getting their employees to do KPIs / goals etc.


TemetNosce85 t1_iwke4az wrote

A couple of suggestions, /u/appropriatehamster is a free AI art generator that is pretty decent Colorizes black and white photos and does a really great job of it

Here's an image of a soldier I made using both.


jackn3 t1_iwkgh9p wrote


AppropriateHamster t1_iwkqrwy wrote

Thanks for listing them. has been recommended to me thrice now
Would be giving it the verified tick haha

I'll be pushing 10-20 tools at once so will add them to my list and publish them later


sivadneb t1_iwk3hiy wrote

Why is Replit on there? It's not an AI, it's web IDE.


teamvista t1_iwk45q3 wrote

I'll admit the website doesn't make this apparent, but Replit recently added a feature called Ghostwriter that uses AI (likely GPT-3 Codex) to complete code, not unlike GitHub Copilot.


vonbauernfeind t1_iwk6cvt wrote

Interesting that Topaz suite isn't on here. It's a set of AI processing software that takes existing photos and applies a machine learning set to a few goals.

I use the denoise, sharpen, and gigapixel tools to clean up my dslr & mirror less photography. Phenomenally useful, and still an AI tool that helps rather than steals.


sluuuurp t1_iwjvyeq wrote

I searched “point cloud”, “GNN”, and “convolution”, each with zero results, then I gave up. I don’t see how this is supposed to be better than googling what you’re looking for.


AppropriateHamster t1_iwk8kff wrote

I see. Thanks for the feedback. I'll add more such technical tools to the website.


Coldestdoughnut t1_iwk1mp1 wrote

Can we link all the AI tools together to form a mega multi-tool of sorts?


Freeman8472 t1_iwkqjl8 wrote



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Philipp t1_iwkcpsw wrote

It will likely exist one day, the question is if it will accept our orders.


Andromansis t1_iwki8g5 wrote

You ever think that maybe the path to a proper Artificial General Intelligence is just a collection of apps that its amalgamated into its goal of making paperclips?


ReonMonterus t1_iwlh4pr wrote

Any chance of adding a tag for tools that can be self hosted? I'd love to have some AI stuff in my home lab.


PolymerSledge t1_iwl1xad wrote

Is there one of them to kill all of the other robot-overlords-to-be?


KMHGBH t1_iwl5j5s wrote


This is a great list thanks.


Flemmbrav t1_iwlxe9x wrote

Can you please add a feature to only show open source software?


Purple_Freedom_Ninja t1_iwnfn8w wrote

Novel AI can make art too, especially anime-style. This feature is paid though


Badassmotherfuckerer t1_iwp89so wrote

I'm curious if an AI program exists for something kind of niche. I looked through the directory as best I could but couldn't find this. Is there an AI program that can remove the citations at the bottom of pages in pdf's of academic articles? I can provide an example if need be. I'm a blind student and use text-to-speech programs to read materials for university, and those citations at the bottom of many pages really throws off the flow of reading and makes it difficult to follow. Hence I have to have people manually remove them from pdf's.


Select_Repair_2820 t1_iwpnupn wrote

Oh this is gonna be fun! Finally, a fix for my long-lasting wish to be creative, coupled with utter incompetence to do anything about it.


herefromyoutube t1_iwrx0sa wrote

Man I thought AI was going to kill transportation and delivery jobs first but creative jobs seem likely to be the first to go.

Musicians, writers, interior designers, animators, CGI asset artists, graphic designers, web devs.

Shit even programmers aren’t safe and I thought they’d be the last to go.


orangpelupa t1_iwkhko7 wrote

do i need to pay 8 dollars to get my website listed with blue checkmark?


Aethz3 t1_iwkrfws wrote

Thanks, now i'm fucking scared of everything i will ever see on the internet :)


denjmusic t1_iwlso9e wrote

First one I tried, Looka, doesn't work. Gives a 404 when you go to generate an image.


Jakne86 t1_iwm76id wrote

This is great!


0oO7 t1_iwnhnh5 wrote



samsabir t1_ixr9dyp wrote

Here are guys some AI tools that can redally make you 100$ a day and if you are smart you can scale it up to 1000$. plenty of people don't have time or they don't know that this could be done that easy on AI sites. Here is a list of 5 that you may like.


shadowrun456 t1_iwlpbyp wrote

Is there any website or software which would allow me to chat with an "AI"?


dbzer0 t1_iwklz96 wrote

How come you haven't included the stable horde or any of the tools around it (4 UIs, 4 bots, 2 plugins, SDK etc)?


AppropriateHamster t1_iwknozo wrote

This directory is by no means complete. I have around 40-50 tools in the pipeline that I yet have to publish


yaypal t1_iwkyx4i wrote

Unpopular reminder that AI art generators steal artwork from artists who don't consent to their work being used and the practice is just as morally bankrupt as turning artwork into NFTs without consent.

> "All art is derivative."

An artist can't rip another off without still putting in their personal skill and experience, someone who's never touched a tablet pen before isn't going to be able to replicate an artist's style. That's not the case with AI because there's zero human touch, it's just eating existing art wholesale without any human-made change and shitting out an amalgamation.

> "What about people who trace artwork?"

People get called out for it all the time, it's only appropriate for children and young teens to do this. It's also technically not legal theft, it's tacky and rude but replication by hand without using any part of the existing pixels isn't breaking any laws.

> "What about photo manip and collages?"

Probably the only argument with even a remote point, however professional artists who collage to improve their pieces and concept art use free-use and paid-for library textures. I can't argue either way for this though as personally I'm not a big fan of people doing this for artwork outside of using texture libraries and free-use photos.

> "An image uses so many different sources that it's not tracing or stealing."

That's like saying that assets that come from money laundering are clean because it's hard to tell where they came from. The assets were still fucking stolen from somewhere, just because you can't tell where from doesn't mean they weren't. Also there are cases of recognizable signatures of artists being found on AI generated work, so go ahead and try and make the argument that it's just an unrecognizable soup.

> "It's just for fun."

AI art is being sold at anime cons and on twitter, people are regularly monetizing the work now. It's notable that few people who do this outright say it's AI generated because they know people won't buy it if that's the case and they'll be shunned by the art community.

Btw every artist I've seen would support an AI art generator if it was only made up of artists who consented, as well as public domain photos and artwork. It's an incredibly useful tool, the problem is theft of the work that the programs are built on.


J_edrington t1_iwm1k65 wrote

I agree, we should also imprison anyone who uses other artwork combined to create another artwork. I've got a poster that's an image made of smaller images and the bigger picture is only obvious from a distance. There should be a list of credits that takes the entire back up. It gives me great pleasure to know the creator should be in prison. /s


KingdomCome0 t1_iwlelid wrote

I don't know why are you getting downvoted. This is actually a good point. Ethics are important with every tool that comes.


yaypal t1_iwm0i2q wrote

Generally people at the ground level who make media (games, art, film, music) understand and agree that this usage of AI is unethical, it's laypeople and executives who don't. Having first hand experience of how much time and skill goes into honing your craft makes it easier to realize how truly fucked up it is that the content is being stolen, and for those who haven't spent the time they like it because it lets them pretend that they have those skills that took us literally tens of thousands of hours of learning and practice to gain. They like that feeling of being an "artist", the praise and pride that comes with it, and they don't like when it's pointed out that they aren't skilled and they aren't creative but instead they just know how to optimize search engine terms. Saying the AI generators using work without permission is theft (it is), it means we're calling the people who use it thieves, and they get defensive and don't want to hear it.

It's just NFTs all over again, the difference this time is that to participate in the unethical behaviour you don't need money so it's more appealing to the general public and they refuse to push back like they did before. For non-artists who understand the problem with it, thank you for being empathetic.


thetinyshiloh t1_iwlytyw wrote

you really shouldnt be getting downvoted for this, and I'm incredibly disappointed I had to scroll this far to see someone bring this up.


yaypal t1_iwm2mu4 wrote

Ehh I expected it considering the demographics of reddit outside of creative and media-oriented subs. Tech bros focused on "could we do this" instead of "should we do this" always end up ignoring the moral implications as long as it puts them in a better position. Now by taking without consent they get to play artist too, how fun for them.


[deleted] t1_iwjzjev wrote



TemetNosce85 t1_iwkds9r wrote

Human traces art for years and "borrows" their techniques from other artists: "Yup, this is legitimate."

Ai does the same thing, but crappier: "Nooo, this is bad!! I can't make money off of Deviantart and Patreon for my furry porn!!"


lstn t1_iwnua7d wrote

I'm sure you'll say the same when AI starts making music instead of musicians.

It's less about the now, and more about the future. AI in art and design has it's uses for sure, but outright copying years of work (regardless of your comment, these people spend years perfecting their style and ability) is shit, but why would you care when you can make your own furry porn for free.


TemetNosce85 t1_iwnvzjg wrote

All I hear is "wah wah, piracy is destroying our life" just like what the RIAA and others do. Except, piracy not only spreads media awareness further, but its technological advancements actually build industries and challenges companies to do better. For instance, Apple Music and Spotify would most likely not have been created had it not been for piracy. Hell, we would not have FM radio and rock n' roll if it weren't for pirate radio in the 60s. And does piracy stop people from purchasing media? Of course not.


lstn t1_iwnxj94 wrote

Ok buddy


TemetNosce85 t1_iwnyyq7 wrote

Yeah, I thought so. You have no response. Michelangelo would not get mad about people using computers to make art, especially when you have access to "AI"-like tools on photoshop. So stop being angry about the future and imagining the worst will happen like a 5G Karen. Everything will be fine, it always is.


lstn t1_iwo1w4s wrote

I have no response because your argument is nonsensical in the context of my comment, I lost all interest. Have a good one.


Teenager_Simon t1_iwl28uc wrote

Well... AI art is definitely gonna be getting a lot of kids from now on- that's for sure,


Xay_DE t1_iwk9xuo wrote

Art aswell. There is no real value in art. And if you think "real" art differs from any ai art stuff ur being stupid