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computermaster704 t1_iwjxwad wrote

Tbf tho do we really have any other sort of artificial intelligence


Cethinn t1_iwk6lcg wrote

G(eneral)AI is the holy grail of AI, and is what most people meant before we started calling machine learning "AI." For the moment though, ML is pretty much the best AI we have. It's really just a tool to search for minimums, not actual intelligence though. It doesn't know what it's doing or optimizing for, it just searches.


Nexustar t1_iwkw8um wrote

AI is horribly miss-used vague term. ML is better because it specifies learning. Some people call a bubble-sort AI (or similar basic algorithms when applied to business decisions) but there is no learning or intelligence by my observations so it's just logic.

Logic alone isn't AI.


telestrial t1_iwk99p8 wrote

No. It’s just a lot of people wanting to market themselves or their businesses.

Think about a term like “near AI”. How would you know you’re close if we don’t have actual fully-fledged AI?

I got this one: you would have no way of knowing.


GravySquad t1_iwlbn73 wrote

A machine that can perform natural language processing is an AI. You're probably thinking of AGI? But we would also know when we are in the presence of AGI so that still doesn't make sense.


telestrial t1_iwlh33e wrote

It’s no more an artificial intelligence than the code that ran the opponent in Pong.


GravySquad t1_iwlhte5 wrote

Does the game 'Pong' exhibit learning/problem solving?


GravySquad t1_iwlc2w4 wrote

>Tbf tho do we really have any other sort of artificial intelligence