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app4that t1_iwxk6ps wrote

I know a few folks who are older and do not use their phones for music but would love this from a computer to stream to their phone - it's a cool idea and gets us all away from the music industry and advertising industry hegemony.


Ozzs55 OP t1_iwy9cjy wrote

hey guys thank you so much for taking the time to comment here! I appreciate the feedback!

Regarding your question u/jackmax9999 - my intention was not to replace Spotify or any other music player; rather, I came to present my project in the hopes that it would receive some attention and recognition and maybe even see some daylight haha 🌞

MonoBox was never meant to fill any gap in the market.

Have a good one and I will greatly appreciate it if you guys will star my repo! ⭐