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Cheapassdad t1_ixz7hde wrote

I only get static.


wakka55 t1_ixzll0h wrote

TROUBLESHOOTING Issue: All I see is static Some users have reported that the site doesn't work within embedded apps such as RedditIsFun Try launching instead from a standard browser (Ex: Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari, Edge)


___OP____ t1_ixzv2xk wrote

This is the solution, folks!


OTTER887 t1_iy0nh9w wrote

No, just smack the side of your screen.


BeefyIrishman t1_iy1jjcs wrote

Either that or just adjust your antenna a little bit.


sweetalkersweetalker t1_iy265su wrote

You go outside and get on the roof; I'll shout up to ya when I see improvement on the screen.


Ibeginpunthreads t1_iy2p3m0 wrote

I use redditisfun and was confused why it wasn't working but I've realized at the right side of the webpage there's a youtube video thing and if you tap that side the TV starts playing.


Statharas t1_iy2pia0 wrote

You have to click on YouTube on the right


Oneironaut91 t1_ixzkqor wrote

bro got the forgot to pay the cable bill simulation


Dont__Grumpy__Stop t1_ixzakle wrote

Try changing the channel. Once the channel is changed it takes a few seconds to load the YouTube video being displayed.


MartiniD t1_ixzsl4f wrote

Channel 3 bro. N64 is on Channel 4


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iy0050e wrote

I never got why people used channel 4.


hey_sparky t1_iy1leu4 wrote

Channel 4 was an option for those with a local broadcast station on channel 3.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iy1lryg wrote

That's insanity. What weirdo states used channel 3 to broadcast?


hey_sparky t1_iy1n2v3 wrote

Many if not most of the oldest broadcast stations used channel 2 or 3, since they were first (there was no channel 1, VHF 2-13 was all the FCC allowed (and available channels were limited to prevent interference with each other’s signals in a given area) & broadcast stations vied for the lowest numbers.


darkwingdame t1_ixzg4cu wrote

If you're in a nested browser, try opening in the native browser.


not_a_moogle t1_iy0ooxn wrote

If you look closely, it's a boob


Stakbrok t1_iy2o0n6 wrote

Aaaaaaand.... that's another year of losing NNN. Thanks OP, very cool.


j0hn_p t1_ixzmfew wrote

Same, I can fix it by scrolling over to the right and clicking on the blurry video still


girlin_errupted t1_ixzrcl2 wrote

Yup! Worked for me too.

Edit: for context, I am using RedditIsFun.


iameatingoatmeal t1_iy0zwp0 wrote

If you zoom out you can see the YouTube video embedded to the right. Click on that. And it should start.


SaiyaJedi t1_iy1kgaj wrote

Check the coaxial, check for electrical interference or antenna issues.


Random_name46 t1_ixznhhj wrote

Creepy. First ad was for Burlington Coat Factory and I am sitting in a Burlington parking lot.


Dredile t1_iy0h797 wrote

This is a moment 30 years in the making. It was all part of the plan


DrixlRey t1_iy2vv0q wrote

Help, I turned on the TV and I think I traveled back in time…


BackwardPalindrome t1_iy31jy0 wrote

Okay so the first thing I need you to do is write down every single thing you did.


JoeChristmasUSA t1_iy0f4ri wrote

This reminds me of a story. A while back I needed a winter coat so I walked into a Burlington because as a 90s kid I remembered the name "Burlington Coat Factory." Stood in the entryway staring at the aisles like this until an employee helpfully explained the store hasn't been "coat factory" for decades. I've never felt older in my life.


discgolfallday t1_iy1z0tu wrote

They didn't have any coats? I got a men's coat there last year I think


JoeChristmasUSA t1_iy1z5t1 wrote

I didn't look very hard but the men's section was very sparse and I'm hard to fit


discgolfallday t1_iy2q79w wrote

Yeah that seems to be my experience at most stores where the men's section is less than half of the store


Hobear t1_iy1nuyf wrote

Welcome to interdimensional cable!


DrewBacon t1_iy1uofs wrote

So you don’t get paranoid, it was also the first thing it showed me, and I am not in a Burlington Coat Factory Parking Lot.


_night_cat t1_iy36afu wrote

The multiverse is Burlington Coat Factories all the way down.


Slappy_G t1_iy1lb88 wrote

Just so you know, we're all watching you right now.


surviveseven t1_iy1y357 wrote

I checked 1991 and the commercials that were playing were from my birth date. This is all a simulation that we are stuck in.


TemetNosce85 t1_iy1raa0 wrote

Hah, that was my first one, too. Saw a cute pair of shoes that I want. Wonder if they still have them...


GolgiApparatus1 t1_iy2o09x wrote

I flipped to a news station in 2005 and they were covering an oil fire in a very rural state not far from where I live.


psymsi t1_iybje1w wrote

I heard they are more than great coats. Confirm / Deny


Total-Jerk t1_ixzcr5o wrote

I would love this as an app for my rokutv


gtipwnz t1_iy0y43m wrote

With some mapping between the app and remote for channel change...


Sottacqua149 t1_ixz18ai wrote

and i thought my sunday couldn't get any cozier. gonna drift back off with this in the background, thanks 😴


Sullen_Sigh t1_ixzircj wrote

I want an adult swim themed one with bumbers and commercials. Actually im really asking for a time machine.


Redditiscancer789 t1_ixzjicv wrote

toonamiaftermath is a web based one i also made another comment in this thread about a software called dizquetv, when paired with another software like plex, jellyfin, or emby, you can recreate cable channels complete with RNG commercials/bumps and shows. I currently run a nicktoons, cartoon network, adult swim, and toonami clones plus more non clone channels, all run off a computer in my house. I paired mine with plex since thats what i normally use to host my own streaming content and through the plex app I can watch my dizquetv streams on my phone, pc, stream device like a roku or apple tv, basically anywhere plex has an app+internet connection


AmbrosiiKozlov t1_iy0koyg wrote

Plenty of 12 hour comps on YouTube of old adult swim and toonami bumpers. I love throwing them on when I just need something in the back ground


Redditiscancer789 t1_ixzj1gq wrote

This is cool, but if you want a bit more control over it(as in you have to find the videos+run software) you can use dizquetv to setup a faux cable provider. I use it to simulate 5 or so of my favorite channels as they were in the late 90s/early 2000s and then other channels that are just mish mashes of various categories(ie movie marathon channel, anime, sitcoms, holiday specials, mtv clone with all my fav music videos, marathon channels for my top shows, etc.) It can be a bit of work to setup and maintain but its been really nice when i want those hits of nostalgia or to show my nieces/nephews how things worked 20 years ago.


startnowstop t1_iy0hj22 wrote

I got the gist of what you're saying and I'm intrigued enough to ask for you to elaboreate.


Redditiscancer789 t1_iy1dh74 wrote

Basically you need 2 programs, a media aggregator like plex, jellyfin, or emby. Then the dizquetv software. The media aggregator hosts the files on either something on your network like a server/nas or your own local pc harddrives into video on demand categories you want(for example ive got reg tv, anime, kids, then the same for movies, and also music libraries, old commercials, etc.). You can also set commercial filler options including down to literally what commercials can play on what channel. Also if you didnt want to watch "cable" you can also access all the content youve added just via your categories in your apps at any time(barring technical issues) at or away from the house netflix style.

From there you feed the content into playlists on dizquetv and start the server app, add the server as a "tuner" in plex and then enjoy. This is obviously really basic level but its mostly time consuming then technically hard. But just to be 100% clear you have to provide all the content, even down to the bumps/commercials(which ive been slowly ripping over time off youtube and other video hosting sites). Heres a pic of my first 10 or so channels to give you an idea of what a more mature dizquetv collection would look like. For more information.

My personal 2 cents closing thoughts, i much prefer this way as i dont need to worry about rights expiring or any stupid show jumping crap like that, lets me mess around with some technical stuff, and cool apps like dizquetv elevate my viewing experience perfectly into exactly what i want, hate a specific commercial? Just dont add it to your commercial pile. The freedom is insane, but like all good things it didnt appear overnight, it did take some work tracking down my fav shows and bumps/commercials. Plus you are usually slightly behind current releases unless you do....things.


Messaiga t1_iy2efl1 wrote

This is fucking brilliant. I've got an Unraid server I've been meaning to run a Plex with and this idea gives me way more motivation to complete it such a thing.


SoulofZendikar t1_iy2nlnz wrote

Are you able to time the commercials to the commercial breaks?


Redditiscancer789 t1_iy2o4xg wrote

If you mean mid show ad breaks, not unless you manually cut each episode at the appropriate break time in multiple chunks before feeding it into dizquetv.


psymsi t1_iybjni8 wrote

Source for ads? Best I can think would be to dl a compilation off youtube and cut it up but man...


pinilloj t1_iy5f843 wrote

Sp o was able to created DizqueTV, able to create channels from my media, but the channel info inside of the Plex LiveTV/DVR section which lets me view the live feeds has me pick a random att channel lineup, instead of the name/graphics of the channels from dizque that I created

**Update** I had missed the step on adding the XML file from DizqueTV when creating the DVR Profile, it is now working beautifully!


Noctudeit t1_ixzh6sp wrote

I'm getting nothing but commercials... accurate.


Pezdrake t1_iy1d873 wrote

Not too accurate. It should have 5 channels and you have to watch whatever is on, no choice of subject matter.


Noctudeit t1_iy20ohf wrote

And 4 of the 5 have commercials on at any given time.


Putrumpador t1_iy0iuts wrote

Same. I feel like I should be getting paid to watch this.


tehweave t1_ixzj2vt wrote

Holy shit this hits some very nostalgic vibes for me.


ProfessorPetrus t1_iy25jd7 wrote

Same almisf could see where I used to watch TV. I miss that spot on the carpet.


nooneisback t1_ixzijro wrote

Seeing Howard Stern in his early 40s again is seriously something...


brendanandaphone t1_ixz7m5z wrote

There's never anything good on! Twenty years later and it is just the same stuff on repeat. I'm just kidding, just felt nostalgic. I too will be enjoying my Sunday with this awesome find.


lemouette t1_ixzkmoe wrote

Is this a demolition man fantasy where I get to sit all Sunday afternoon listening to commercials ? I love it


fakeittilyoumakeit t1_ixzzkla wrote

I keep forgetting that Family Guy started in the 90s! That was weird seeing it there.


startnowstop t1_iy0hdwy wrote

If someone would pair this website with the TinyTv, humanity's purpose would be complete.


unkemptguitar t1_iy1o539 wrote

30,000 channels of static. Thats how I remember it! Where's the PBS pledge drive that cuts into my cartoon time before school?


King-Wilbur t1_ixzoq2a wrote

This is pure beauty. Thank you creators.


iCryKarma t1_ixznk1s wrote

Anything similar with a better mobile format? It's not terrible on my android phone running Firefox but would be nice to have an app or mobile site


OTTER887 t1_iy0or0c wrote

It would probably be a pain to get copyright permissions to commercialize this.


12stepCornelius t1_iy02zvn wrote

Literally just spent way too long falling down a rabbit hole of nostalgia with the 90s and 2000s TVs. And it's really cool to see just how much culture has changed through the decades when you have everything that was on TV aggregated into one space.


plastigoop t1_iy07bc7 wrote

Omg too real. I flipped channels and got to computer chronicles and had to get out. PTSD too much. Oh my brain. Ren and stimpy, spaceghost, and beavis and butthead, though.


The_Zak-Attak t1_iy03wxb wrote

Thank you for this! Doing God's work out here.


Searchlights t1_iy0if24 wrote

Can we watched scrambled porn?


SpikeRosered t1_iy0n84r wrote

I was actually gonna watch the Hey Arnold episode but it was only a 10 second clip. I was dissapointed.


askmeforbunnypics t1_iy14xdq wrote

I remember using this briefly and I got a Scooby Doo video that started part way in and played for like 10 minutes before I got static and it started again. I tried it many other times to the point that I don't think it's a glitch. I think it's intended. Has anyone else been able to just watch one category with the full episodes playing through?


thebudman_420 t1_iy164mh wrote

Can't get to channel 3 or 4 for nes / snes. Simulator sucked because most replaced static with blue back if not a channel.

One thing emulators do wrong. When you add scan lines the lines are drawn after. Post process when the lines should be drawn first then image over top of that. Scan lines in emulation suck and never look right. Best to get out the old crt.

Have a 35 inch one not being used im going to turn into retro gaming tv.

Also if you was sitting at a proper distance you couldn't actually see the scan lines. If you sat so close you could see pixels or scan lines you was too close.


diablo75 t1_iy2yvi4 wrote

TIL 10-10-321 and other inter carrier exchange services are still a thing and I don't know why.


Mountain-Window5080 t1_iy3eo2s wrote

it's not perfect but it does the job, might I also suggest kisscartoon to watch old 90s shows it may not have them all, but it might be useful


thethunder92 t1_ixzogsi wrote

That’s some serious nastalgia


LifeguardCapital t1_ixzson6 wrote

Now run the cable through the VCR. My sister could never figure this out.


fman84 t1_ixzu08e wrote

Is this being used by people who have never experienced older tv?


Sil369 t1_ixzytxg wrote

family guy is on there?!


I56843 t1_iy0u2ul wrote

I'm using the reddit is fun app, it took a sec but the YouTube video was off to the right, I clicked it and it moved in front of the tv and started working ok


TheAlexa19 t1_iy0z4g8 wrote

shame it's only clips from youtube and not full episodes, still cool


raspymorten t1_iy1ehmv wrote

Oh man, I loved this site when I was younger. Didn't realize it was still up.


TheBlinja t1_iy1j5at wrote

I think I have that tv. It's in the basement, with a busted power button that fell into it. I was keeping it around for my analog video games.


xquizit_enigma t1_iy1sebm wrote

This is super creepy .. AAAND I LOVE IT !!!


CoolStoryDJ t1_iy1vie1 wrote

I found out a out this on reddit a few years ago and I've loved it ever since! They recently added the 2000s as well.


Broncotron t1_iy1y2x4 wrote

Ah yes attitude era wwe


crimsontape t1_iy20vz7 wrote

Holy cannoli I lost hours in there hahahaha the 70s were nuts! lol


Igor_J t1_iy2783h wrote

I'm going to have to look at this more when I have some time. Phone works fine but PC will be better I imagine.


excti2 t1_iy2cif9 wrote

Now do the 80’s!!!


I_AM_HYLIAN t1_iy2er7z wrote

#Ahh, yes. Interdimensional cable


ripyourlungsdave t1_iy3bhhe wrote

I'm already in a deep state of regression. I don't think I need this right now.


MightyPropellant t1_iy3c754 wrote

Man, cool website but.. your TV sound is playing on my phone even after the page is closed. I don't know what the fuck is happening but you basically hacked my phone.


newcoders t1_iy5arpv wrote

80's is the best one


darko23 t1_iy5buph wrote

Love this retro vibe!!!


[deleted] t1_ixz7wb8 wrote



wakka55 t1_ixzmz3i wrote

I love how this cesspool of a website downvotes you for this lmao, despite it and the replies being literally a FAQ


Thisisalongusernamd t1_iy044po wrote

Honestly, I didn't even see it because I was mainly focused on finding a working channel and I was zoomed in on mobile.


FixedFun2 t1_iy06r24 wrote

Why do they always post this one?


convenientgods t1_iy2lji4 wrote

Just a heads up that this got messed up when I tried on mobile and I’ve now got the audio playing in the bg though I’ve terminated every instance of the site and restarted every related app (Reddit browser, internet, etc) on ios 16. Think I’m going to have to restart my phone to fix it


FeathersRuff t1_iy2o5ni wrote

Heads up, this uses your youtube account. So if you dont want your youtube history to be flooded with every "channel" youve watched, be aware.


puffnstuff272 t1_iy2oko9 wrote

Went to 1994 and learned that Kurt Kobain had died. I aint buying it was a suicide guys…


yousorusso t1_iy2vvcl wrote

Wish there was something like this for UK folks


[deleted] t1_iy0r46l wrote

This post is an ad