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wakka55 t1_ixzll0h wrote

Reply to comment by Cheapassdad in 90's TV simulator! by OmicronGR

TROUBLESHOOTING Issue: All I see is static Some users have reported that the site doesn't work within embedded apps such as RedditIsFun Try launching instead from a standard browser (Ex: Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari, Edge)


___OP____ t1_ixzv2xk wrote

This is the solution, folks!


OTTER887 t1_iy0nh9w wrote

No, just smack the side of your screen.


BeefyIrishman t1_iy1jjcs wrote

Either that or just adjust your antenna a little bit.


sweetalkersweetalker t1_iy265su wrote

You go outside and get on the roof; I'll shout up to ya when I see improvement on the screen.


Ibeginpunthreads t1_iy2p3m0 wrote

I use redditisfun and was confused why it wasn't working but I've realized at the right side of the webpage there's a youtube video thing and if you tap that side the TV starts playing.


Statharas t1_iy2pia0 wrote

You have to click on YouTube on the right