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Shuggaloaf t1_j1kfe6k wrote

Pretty fun and easy to use. Only took me a few minutes to make this goofy little beat:


Shriracha OP t1_j1jymoa wrote

Hello! I shared this several months ago and was really motivated by a lot of the great feedback I got. Since the last post, I've:

  • Made some performance upgrades, so there should be less stuttering if you have a pattern with a lot of beats.
  • Added the ability to randomize more granularly -- you can set specific octaves to change when the pattern starts, which lets you do things like fix a drum groove and a bassline while a melody is randomly generated.
  • Made it so that DrawBeats can play when it isn't the active tab.
  • Added more granular options for tempo and swing.
  • Added some animations.
  • Added a simple recording functionality (non-mobile only atm).

For the holidays, here is a chiptune version of everyone's favorite Christmas song that I threw together. Thanks for checking it out!


redfrut t1_j1lo9ls wrote

Very nice. It's a fun app


evildadatron t1_j1lrfr8 wrote

Ok I love sequencers and this one is going to keep me busy for a while, really well done!


modernshorties t1_j1luwng wrote

This is so cool. I’m sending it to my friends.


danoely t1_j257lrm wrote

Awesome, great job


[deleted] t1_j1k066e wrote



Shriracha OP t1_j1k1268 wrote

Huh weird, that would be a bug on my end! One thing I noticed is that if you're on iOS then you might have to check the physical ringer mute switch.


garbo2000 t1_j1kuutp wrote

Works great on iOS. Yes need to invoke ringer switch. Thx


MaxRaines t1_j1l2acp wrote

I am running on an older IOS and on Ecosia, double checked the mute switch and still not getting anything. Most likely due to running an older software though. I’ll check it out on my computer, seems like a cool idea.