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bad_at_hearthstone t1_j1zm0rl wrote


SolensSvard t1_j1zrq8e wrote

If you fart hard enough into a speech to text, the phrase that comes out is encrypted. It's just science


The_Slad t1_j1zt4lv wrote

It literally says that every note is encrypted and the notes title acts as the key.


TheCharon77 t1_j21zvhp wrote

So the lock to the front door of your house is its address. Got it.


Jaredlong t1_j205b1q wrote

Jfc, I didn't mean it's literal actual encryption. In terms of the difficulty of someone unintentionally finding the note it's LIKE encryption because they'd need the specific key to find it.

Has your middle school English class not covered similes yet?


samehaircutfucks t1_j20bz14 wrote

That's not what encryption does. You're referring to security through obscurity. Encryption makes it so even if the note is found, it is unreadable by anyone other than those with the key to decrypt.

Writing in a made up language is closer to encryption than your example.