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AckAttack6710 t1_j1xjfws wrote

Interesting concept. Not sure what good it'd be other than to dick around for a bit, but it's neat.


chillflyguy33 t1_j1xlxzq wrote

That was pretty cool. Gave me stumble upon vibes lol


MrPootie t1_j1xodwp wrote

I added some profanity, my day is complete.


noellekin t1_j1xvm7w wrote

You've made a blank slate wikipedia with an ability to also write a note to someone you share a code with. Added points for easy vandalism. I love it!


dieforestmusic t1_j1y5w9m wrote

I typed the first random name that popped into my head - Will Smith. Was not disappointed.


lokmansalikoon t1_j1ybhhs wrote

Thinking this would be joke and I ended up being on the site searching for notes and replying to ppl for 30 mins


everyman50 t1_j1ybx4r wrote

Proceeds to search every bad word I can think of


Adamkarlson t1_j1yfupc wrote

This is such a wonderful idea. It's a little iffy to me that the titles are case sensitive which just gives me FOMO :)

It's a good use of time and as long as it isn't overrun by bots I'm fine


Supersymm3try t1_j1ygynr wrote

I like it, brings out the worst in people once the wankers get there.


Cheetohz t1_j1yh1wj wrote

What are some good codes to check out?


Ayle87 t1_j1yjst7 wrote

I put in "dogs" and got a sex story.


One_of_those_IDs t1_j1ykq6n wrote

One of the most randomly named entries holds the answer to all our questions. That's the kind of humour, I'd imagine our AI-overlord, in charge of the simulation we're part of, to share.


Helpmetoo t1_j1yuysg wrote

Sounds exactly like yourworldoftext


mattthepianoman t1_j1yysgi wrote

I would love to see the backend database for something like this.


DankmirianChancellor t1_j1z0rox wrote

If the only thing you need to view the note is the title of the notes, how are they encrypted?

Nifty idea but I feel like the internet will ruin this pretty quickly.


DearChoice t1_j1z323v wrote

It's only a matter of time someone makes some type of bot to vandalize all the notes.


Silinas t1_j1z5183 wrote

"Card" was a sweet one!


AnxietyDepressedFun t1_j1z7xng wrote

I left notes for two people who will NEVER see them. Feels like useless harmless fun.


sadop222 t1_j1z9naa wrote

has gamifying gone too far?


AdriftAtLast t1_j1zhcxm wrote

I didn't want to really look at it too much. I think maybe an employee browsing reddit pasted the wrong info or something. It seemed partial or mistaken instead of some purposeful leak, especially given the passphrase to reach it.


OddScentedDoorknob t1_j1zkycw wrote

This is kind of fun. Are you the developer? When typing a note on a phone (Android), if the note gets long enough that the bottom is covered by the onscreen keyboard, there doesn't seem to be a way to scroll down to see what you're typing, so you just have to type blind with the text hidden by the keyboard.

EDIT: Actually now it works fine in Brave browser. Maybe it's only a problem in Reddit's internal browser? (using Relay Reddit app)


storeogsma t1_j1zre2k wrote

I like it. Makes me feel like I am 15 again and dialing into a BBS. Goes to show you can still stand up a simple, fun app with minimal code and backend.


accounts_are_lame t1_j1zrkhf wrote

There was no note for "Leroy Jenkins."

Don't worry. I fixed that.


ReflectionEterna t1_j1zw1xq wrote

How long before this is overrun by bots putting ads on all the most checked notes? If this ever becomes popular, that will happen, right?


pcm2a t1_j1zwllm wrote

Twitter files part #42, hate speech and misinformation running rampant on publicnote and the FBI must suppress it.


Fohawkkid t1_j1zxfsl wrote

That was fun I deleted every note I can find.


Jaredlong t1_j205b1q wrote

Jfc, I didn't mean it's literal actual encryption. In terms of the difficulty of someone unintentionally finding the note it's LIKE encryption because they'd need the specific key to find it.

Has your middle school English class not covered similes yet?


samehaircutfucks t1_j20bz14 wrote

That's not what encryption does. You're referring to security through obscurity. Encryption makes it so even if the note is found, it is unreadable by anyone other than those with the key to decrypt.

Writing in a made up language is closer to encryption than your example.


koolman2 t1_j20ongn wrote

The title is hashed using SHA-256 and is stored as the hash only. The title is used to create the AES256 key, which is used to encrypt the note.

Without the title, you can't decrypt the note. Since the title isn't stored, you can't read any of it without inputting the correct title.


[deleted] t1_j225575 wrote

I wrote a poem under the heading "pony"

It's about friendship


DaMastaCoda t1_j229ubp wrote

“did” “you” “are” “.” First loop


ToxicNets t1_j25w5jr wrote

There was some interesting items under "bank" but I removed it as well...


MithrilTuxedo t1_j2cooew wrote

I asked my wife for a title to look up.

She responded with "dickbutt" and we were amused.


I_Like_Semen t1_j2fxmyw wrote

Whoever went through spamming your stupid subreddit and discord on as many notes as possible, you're not going to persuade anyone to join your shitty subreddit that way. You deleted a lot of good shit just to advertise your stupid subreddit. Please die.