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Fair_Bat7623 t1_j2t4ad6 wrote

Probably not much. UX is undersold in a lot of companies because its not a money maker and doesn’t drive sales. You’d think that a good looking game would, but UX gets left on the back burner a lot compared to graphics or other tangible elements.

Working in UX is an underappreciated job. UX is essentially “making the obvious look easy”, but doesn’t realize how easy it can shift from good to bad


K_ttSnurr t1_j2tpiif wrote

Also because companies doesn't know the difference between UX and UI.


rainmace t1_j2u458t wrote

I would argue UX for a video game, a 3dimensional world, is completely different than for a website. In a video game, everything is the UX. That’s the entire point. The entire world of the video game is UX


COSenna t1_j2wrpes wrote

I definitely agree, though UX is never really associated with this level of interaction. The way the engine responds to your movements through a controller relates directly to your experience. Bad physics would yield unwanted results, thus giving the user a bad experience.

I only work on interfaces, but I’ve always thought I’d be good at “designing” game physics, or at least testing and relaying needed adjustments. It all come down to getting something to work as efficiently as possible, I suppose.