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rainmace t1_j2u3tf0 wrote

Loooooool. Also, I work a little in UX design. I’ve decided the whole field is a crock of shit, and the only thing that matters is, can the user do what they want on the website. Everything should fall from that, and nothing more. None of this like, the user doesn’t even KNOW what they want to do until they see all the OPTIONS we’ve given them. As long as you minimize latency and make the graphics look somewhat standardized, that’s it


jld3sign t1_j2uo8z0 wrote

Proper UX work is grounded in user-centric design, so yes it is all about 'can the user do what they want'.

Understanding that user's journey, their pain points, and what they're trying to achieve is UX. Too many see flashy User Interfaces and assume that's what UX is.


spays_marine t1_j2uvlav wrote

Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with that. UX is essentially understanding human behavior, to argue that it doesn't exist or that we don't need to take it into account when designing interfaces suggests that you have a poor grasp of the subject, rather than the subject being pointless. No offense. You've also worded your opinion rather poorly so it's hard to understand what exactly you mean.


Refreshingpudding t1_j2uc2ab wrote

What are your thoughts on modern design that hides functions behind the faintest of menus? Seems like a minimalist apple thing


shimmy_ya_shimmy_yay t1_j2vtfga wrote

UX in real life is, unfortunately, way more complex than that. In the real world, UX is a constant balance between commercial interests, business strategy, user needs, behaviors and psychology. So, if you work "a little" in UX design, I understand if you aren't aware of that complexity, but there really is much more to it than merely being the user's advocate (although this is one of the most important functions of a UX designer).